Slot review

RTP 96.46%
volatility ALTO


Hellcatraz in a slot of Al Capone based on his stay in Alcatraz. Its design reminds Atari, and for the new generations it will be something like a super pixelated cuqui image design, with a certain retro air. There are not many 8-bit slots as complex like this, so if you want to learn to manage in prison, the more it is worth reading

Mysterious symbols everywhere

The mysterious symbols are one of the engine keys of this prison slot: in the base game they work with a countdown, and they are random. In the bonus game you will ask you to choose between two screens loaded with them at each turn.

For the rest, the 9 payment symbols have quite brutal characters (such as the subject):

  • Of course there is the Irish police officer (Pay X2 in combination of 6),
  • A capone of the most chrulesque in his police record
  • and up to a few sharks of those who walk on the stalking in the Bay of San Francisco.
  • The wildcard is a simple orange w.

Special functions

Together with mysterious symbols, the other great attraction of the Helllcatraz slots are waterfalls: Every time you get a winning line, its symbols disappear and leave room for others to replace them fall from above, in a kind of respiR within the Same thrown.

The Hellcatraz modules

In this prison there are two types of stays: the enclosure and the mixed module. They differ by its volatility and also because they offer mysterious symbols of a single type or mixed. In each base game roll you will find mysterious symbols numbered from 1 to 5. They all have their counter, which is reduced with each combinations cascade. Upon reaching 0 all the affected mysterious symbols are converted into the same symbol on the screen.

If you are in the enclosure module, all the symbols share a counter, but in the mixed stay mode there are two independent counters.

Giros free hellcatraz

Free Helllcatraz spins are activated when you have managed to accumulate 2,000 keys. Once the round has started, you will see that the mysterious symbols that appear on the screen are revealed without the need for a coat to occur.

You can reactivate the free HELLCATRAZ turns using the golden mysterious symbols, which appear exclusively during the free rounds. You need 2 waterfalls so that one of these symbols gives rise to additional turns.

How to collect keys

In the game screen you will find a keys meter on one side. Well, collect keys is something that is done randomly, since the keys appear superimposed on some of the common payment symbols. Your rewards are between 1 and 10 keys per symbol. To start the free spins you can wait to get the 2,000 keys or buy them x200 your bet. If you decide to buy, the collection that generate the payment symbols will remain intact.

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