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Heroes’ Gathering

Heroes Gathering is a slot with 3 game screens: the normal 2 table games with extra bonuses. You can play from 10 cents up to € 100, for a maximum X400 prize. They have a prize frequency of 19.82 that is not bad, and among its functions there are free spins, multipliers, wildcards, collection of symbols ...

The payment symbols are 9 in total. The gentleman is the main symbol with X2,000 in combination of 5 equals. The sorcerer and the goblin are followed. Then you have another 3 medium payment symbols (shield, book and daggers), and 3 more symbols of lower payment, with payments between x750 and x30. There are 2 wildcards: the oracle with the WILD sign and the compass with numbers. The Bonus symbol is a banner with weapons.

The slots of board games

The Heroes Gathering slots have 2 extra screens with bonus games, which have the format of two table games:

Main table game

You can play when you take 3 bonuses symbols in any position, but whenever it is in the three odd rollers: 1-3-5. While hard, you get spins until one of the three amulets (golden square, silver rhombus and bronze circle) refill with its 3 pins:

  • Gold - corresponds to the three characters framed in gold.
  • Silver - corresponds to the three objects framed in silver.
  • Bronze - corresponds to the three bronze coins.

Each of the amulets goes with a boat, its amount is equivalent to twice the payment line with which you take it. It is considered that one of the amulets is complete when you can collect 3 of the figures with which they correspond, which are coming out on the board surrounding the rollers. Each time the compass falls into the central roller (3) results in a number between 1 and 6, and your chip moves through the board. If you fall into one of the corners (not on the start) you take one of the following "prizes", granted randomly:

  1. All the pins you would have collected are erased
  2. The boats of all amulets increase x5 or x10
  3. One of the boats increases x20 or x100

If you give a whole tour to the board's path, all amulet pins are deleted, and if you fall in the exit box, the prize of all the boats. When you manage to collect 3 of the pins that complete one of the amulets, the main table game ends and get your boat, as well as the rewards corresponding to all winning turns.

Mini board game

It is activated when you take only 2 bonus symbols into one of the odd rollers. It is similar to the main table game, and it also works with 3 amulets. When you fall in the box of one of them (gold, silver or bronze) it is activated for the rest of the function. Your chip will move with the compass (moving between 1 and 6 positions each time).

In addition to playing only by the boat corresponding to the amulet that you have activated at the beginning of the function, the prizes for falling into the corners of the board are also different. Here you will give you the boat prize x5, x10 and x50.

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