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RTP 96.71%
volatility Media

Hot to Burn

Do you want to play HOT to Burn from Pragmatic Play for free? Do not you know her yet? We present it. Pragmatic Play in full year 2022 has decided that the new theme for its new Slots is: ... Fruits! ... Ironias Apart, we know that fruits will always have their audience, so let's see how this slot is like.

Hot to Burn numbers

Obviously you can not make a fruits slot and be a rácane because, having thousands of alternatives like there, nobody would play it. Therefore, the RTP of this game is not bad. It amounts to 96.62%, which is enough to call our attention and give the game a chance.

It is a classic slot with five rollers and three heights, which uses five lines of payment. They will only pay if the sequence of symbols occurs from left to right. The minimum bet is from a penny by line and five cents per run and the maximum of 50 and 250 euros respectively.

Special functions

In principle in a fruit slot we did not expect great special functions, because it is directed to a classic audience that what you want precisely is that you do not complicate your life.

Our expectations were true. In this game, there are no wildcards, there are no bonuses, there are no free thrown away and there are no multipliers. The only thing there is a scatter, with which the pay lines are equally, as it pays for three appearances or more, without taking into account the positions. Therefore, in this game strips and waits for them to be accompanied by fruits, clearer, water.

Design - Fruits that burn

It is difficult to innovate with the theme of fruits and pragmatic play seem to have thought that the best thing is not to look for three feet to the cat.

The only novelty of this slot is that fruits fall into a kind of bonfire and when you get a prize, the symbols burn.

For the rest, you will see the classic watermelons, strawberries, oranges, lemons, etc. The symbol that is most paid, is seven and the scatter is a star.

Nor is there background music, although there are sound effects when the rollers rotate and, of course, when payments are given.


The prizes are discreet. The expected, taking into account the absence of bonuses and multipliers. If you see seven 5 times, your bet will be multiplied by 1000. The problem is that the next payment descends up to 200 times the bet, for 4 sevens, and 100 times, by five watermelons or five strawberries.


Pragmatic Play has wanted to make a classic game and that is what he has done. Therefore, we have nothing to object. If you want, you can play HOT to Burn for free on this page. Yes, on the contrary, you prefer to see something more novel, see our catalog with More than 1000 slot to play for free.

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