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Set in the powerful dynasties of ancient China, I'm King is a slot for online casinos developed by DreamTech. While it is not a surprising machine, it is designed with a certain mime.

He leads a great nation and discovers his treasures and prizes with us in this review of I'm King.

Online slot I'm King, Opulence and Epicicity in Ancient China

The themes about ancient China are very common in slot machines, since we talk about fascination by one of the most longevable and powerful civilizations and dynasties that have existed on the face of Earth. It is no longer an original or novel setting, but it always helps if it is done with such a clean presentation as the one offered by I'm King. It does not stand out for its graphic appearance, but its illustrations and the simple prize animations that accompany them fulfill their mission. Music on the other hand is something repetitive and may be annoying.

We are facing a very simple digital slot machine that bases its game rules in the waterfall system, that is, the system by which the figures fall through the rollers and accumulate, disappearing when they form a combination and leaving room for more figures . This does so in a 5-rollery grid with 3 rows on which 35 different prize lines are formed, as well as very interesting combinations that offer great prizes without activating free-running modes.

There are combinations and extra bonus. These bonuses appear at random in each roll, being able to be nothing, Wild Combination or Extra Bonus. The operation of the Wild Combination is very simple, by getting 3 consecutive combinations in a single roll (by the waterfall effect) Figures WILD are activated in the positions that appear in the grid next to the name of this bonus. In the case of the Extra Bonus, it is also achieved with 3 consecutive combinations in a roll and offers a greater prize that is added at the end of the roll.

The symbols that are part of I'm King are distributed as follows:

  • 3 low-value symbols with the royal sticks of the French deck.
  • 2 low-value thematic symbols.
  • 2 medium value thematic symbols.
  • 2 high-value thematic symbols.
  • The Wild symbol.

The game offers good bonuses, but despite being a reel type Cascade does not have a great return, just 96%, so they appear unusual. The free spins are extremely rare of getting, since it is necessary that in a single roll appear in 3 different combinations (when re-filled chips) 1 scatter symbol in each combination. Fortunately, the appearance of a scatter counts as a combination achieved for the other bonuses. In the free shooting mode, the bonus only need 2 consecutive combinations instead of 3.

Of increasing value that can reach very high values, more than 80,000 at the time of analysis. Betting vary between 0.35 coins and 350 and the highest awards by combination in normal runs are up to 300 times the bet value, nothing bad.

Dragon Auto Chess, our opinion

We are facing a slot with a very traditional aspect within the world of video slots and with very achieved rules that look somewhat fogged by their low return and low volatility. Being a slut recommendable only for those who are aware of the difficulty by getting the great prizes or enjoying the mode of free runs.

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