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RTP 96.24%
volatility Media

Infinity Hero

Have you already tried Infinity Hero of Wazdan? Not? Well, you will be surprised to know that it is a slot in which there are fruits and ... A superhero! Can you imagine something more freak? The truth is that we always say that it is difficult for a surprise slot, but in this case, we have to rectify. Do you dare to try? Here you can play In Infinity Hero for free.

The numbers of Infinity Hero

In this slot there are six rollers and three heights, the minimum bet is 20 cents and the maximum of 100 euros. It is especially interesting that the game allows you to adapt volatility between low, medium or high, so in that sense, it is an adequate game for any type of player.

Finally, it must be said that it is played with 20 fixed payment lines and the RTP is 96.24%.

Special functions - The superhero of fruits

The scatter is the face of the superhero and, when it appears at least three times, it activates 10 free runs. In said runs, the multiplier is always increased in a unit. In addition, symbols may appear with which you will earn 3, 5 or 7 more strips more.

When you win any prize, you have the option to bet it with the option of folding it, but if you have bad luck you can lose it. For this, you will have to choose between two versions of the superhero dress dress. If you take off your clothes and wear the superhero costume, you will have won and if you stay in underwear, you will lose the prize. You can bet to bend up to 7 times in a row.

If you wish, Wazdan has included the option to buy the bonus, to be able to play directly with it.


The design is the true strong point of this game. The symbols are simple fruits with a comic drawing aesthetic. Background, we will see a city that we assume is the one that defends the superhero.

So, where are the news?

In superhero animations. At the moment you stop playing, you'll see you doing curious things like greeting you, throwing a nap, chewing gum with pomp that explodes on the included, play with a pump or receive a mobile call.

The sound effects are also good. They are based on a heroic background music on which you will hear the hero making theirs or the typical sound effects of any slot.

The awards

The symbol that is most paid is the wildcard that makes it at a rate of X50 for six appearances. Next, the following symbols will be the 7 that paid x25 and the watermelon that does it x17.50.

As we explained, you can double these prizes, betting them, and also, multiplying can be exited by considerably.

View of Infinity Hero

The main attraction of this game is its high configuration. Of course, you can choose the amount of bet, which is usual in all machines, but you can also choose to configure volatility, something that is much less common, betting down the prizes or unused to buy directly the bonus.

The other point strong, is the setting that is quite original, irreverent and is taken care of.

On the other hand, the game dynamics is very simple and it does not offer great news.

You want to try? You can play Infinity Hero for free with us.

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