Slot review

RTP 96.58%
volatility ALTO

Jinns Moon

Playtech has come to Rare Stone Gaming to adapt to the present one of the most magic slot machines from its catalog, it is Jinns Moon Gaming, an online slot set in the stories of 1000 and one nights.

If you want to reveal the secrets after the magic of Fire Blaze: Jinns Moon, continue reading this analysis in which we reveal its rules, dynamics and extras.

Slots Online Fire Blaze: Jinns Moon, the treasure of Arabia's stories awaits you

Jinns Moon is not the first face washing with which we are in casinos online, long ago that many publishers are recovering some of their classic digital slots and adapting them to work better in browsers and modern devices, as well as prevent them from being lost because they are In deciduous formats such as flash.

This limits a little expectations about the technical section and is that we are facing a game to which they have fallen a little over the years. Although it is still attractive due to interesting animations and a successful choice of the color palette.

Game dynamics

This game has very classic and interesting standards, with some bonuses that make it especially attractive. We are talking about a game with an RTP in the average, 96.58% but a very high volatility. But best of all in this aspect, they are their jackpots, really interesting prizes up to 2,000 times the value of the bet.

This slot is framed in a 5-rollery classic grid with 3 rows and has 50 prize lines, a very high number to be an old game. In these there are many types of interesting symbols that are distributed like this:

  • The 5 reales of the deck
  • 3 medium value thematic figures
  • 1 high-value thematic figure with a monkey
  • The wildcard shown as a genius of the lamp
  • Lamp-shaped scatter
  • The moon, which acts as bonus

Extras and bonuses

The interesting thing in Jinns Moon are its bonuses. To begin with, we find Fire Blaze Jackpots, this is a bonus mode that is activated from 6 moons and offering 3 free runs. The MOON symbols are fixed in their positions and every time another moon appears, 3 free runs will be activated and showed a prize or the Jackpot Star icon. If all the positions ended with Lunas will activate the highest Jackpot Award with a value of 2,000x.

On the other hand, 3 Scatter activates 8 free runs in which they can be added 8 more each time other 3 Scatter appears. In addition, it can be mixed with the Fire Blaze Jackpots function with the luna figures. These free rolls do not have special bonuses regarding the rest of the game.

Jinns Moon: Our verdict

We are facing a more than correct return of a classic slot of online casinos. A game with a system that is still fun and interesting today, although it has aged pretty badly regarding its technical section. Especially because of its sound aspect, something annoying. However, its high prizes and its volatility continue to make Jinns Moon a digital slot to take into account.

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