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RTP 92.85%
volatility Media

Kingdoms Rise: Legend Of Elvenstone

Playtech continues to be upgraded with some of the best online slot machine developers to continue with the world of Kingdoms Rise. In this case, next to Rare Stone Gaming launched in June this 2023 Kingdoms Rise: Legend of Elvestone a game that brings many novelties at the level of rules to this world that has created Playtech.

Fight with dragons next to us in this review about Kingoms Rise: Legend of Elvestone, a Digital Rare Stone Gaming slots.

Online slot Kingdoms Rise: Legend of Elvestone, one step further in the rules of the saga

Kingdoms Rise: Legend of Elvestone is the last video slots that has appeared in the online casinos that belongs to the world of Kingdoms Rise. This not only means that we meet a new setting within the same world, it also means that it has great pressure as to its sections, since it is a stamp with a lot of quality.

We must say that, at a technical and artistic level, we have disappointed a little, especially by belonging to the acclaimed saga. And it is perhaps the slot that least stands out in the visual and sound section of all the Kingdom Rise. While the illustrations of the Fund and the figures fulfill a lot, nor the animations are as shocking as in other iterations, nor music is so epic and vibrant. In the end it stays in a section that meets without more.

The dynamics of the game

But let's go to the most interesting of this Kingdoms Rise: Legend of Elvestone, its rules. The game is a classic roller swallow machine with 5 rollers and 3 rows. It has 10 winning bet lines, something that today is less common because to make interesting prizes are elected by modes with tens, hundreds or thousands of prize lines. However, despite the classic that all this may seem, he has saved a few cards in his sleeve.

To begin with, it has a very specific amount and limited symbols, without being worried about it. They are divided into:

  • 6 low-value thematic figures
  • 3 medium value thematic figures with characters
  • Wild Drop symbols
  • The symbol of the dragon, which is a scatter figure that occupies 4 or more positions in the first and last roller.

The interesting thing about these figures, being very usual, is that the themes with average value characters, offer a very fun and interesting change in the behavior of the Wild Drop or wildcard symbol.

The wildcard symbol appears on top of the central or upper row symbols. Turn your internal symbol into a wildcard for anyone except the dragon. But when this appears with one of the symbols of characters, there are changes. The man will move the WILD to the upper row in the next turn, the woman fixed the Wild Drop in the same position by adding a multiplier and the stony man, makes the WILD set and generated a new one in the next reel.

This causes the runs out of the bonus mode can show a lot of Wild Drops with fairly high profits.

Extras and bonuses

For the bonus mode, it is necessary that the dragon symbol covers at least 4 rows in the rollers. With this 3 free rolls are activated in Bonus Dragon mode where the board is limited on the sides forming a 3 × 3. In each roll each one of the 9 positions rotate independently and if an eye of the dragon appears, a symbol available only in this mode, will be transformed into a coin with a random value and will be fixed.

Each time an eye on the dragon appears, 3 free runs will be achieved. This causes the bonus mode to go by adding free runs to occupying all the boxes with prizes. In addition, every time an eye appears with a new prize, they all add again, acting as a multiplier in a certain way.

Kingdoms Rise: Legend of Elvenstone, nuestro veredicto

We are facing one of the most interesting machines at the level of mechanics of the Kingdoms Rise saga, it does not stand out for its graphic and sound section, although it complies, but offers a variety and award possibilities quite high and exciting. In addition, it includes access to the Kingdoms Rise store with all the advantages that this provides to the veterans of this saga.

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