Slot review

RTP 96.39%
volatility ALTO

The classic paper house

The classic paper house has this name because the same developer, Skywind Group, has another slot on this subject. Do you want to try it? In Slots-Australia, you can play free to the classic paper house or learn more about the game reading our analysis.

The numbers of this slot

The "classic" of the title is because the game is based on only three rollers with three heights, that is, the most traditional slot configuration that exists.

As for bets and prizes, the RTP is 96.39%, the minimum bet of 20 cents and the maximum of € 100.

Special functions

The bonus is activated with the appearance of the scatter three times, which in this game is represented by the building. You will start with three free runs. In them, the symbols of the rollers change to some money banknotes, which can become up to 500. As they appear, they will be charged equivalent to the number indicated by the bet carried out.

When you end up the three free throws, the game gives you the option of risking everything gained in exchange for having three other free three runs.

He risks with a roulette in whose wheel half is green and the other red half. With the red half you lose everything and with the green, you keep the prize and you get another three extra runs. The probability of falling into the green zone increases according to your bet higher. At most, you can have this option to expand three times a total of 11 times.

The awards

A game about the paper house could not have small prizes. Skywind Group has not disappointed us. The Maximum Award amounts to 10,000 Vece your bet and is achieved with the 5x symbol appearance three times.

It is a prize that is very good, but you have to bear in mind that the game is high volatility, so it is common to have bad racks without anything happening with a certain frequency.


The design of this game is mainly based on the sound effects on which songs of the series or some emblematic sentences or extracts can be heard.

Beyond that, the design is too simple to get attention. The symbols are very simple: tickets, paper bowes, 5x type numbers.

Classic paper house view

This game has its main attraction at a very high maximum prize and a sufficiently generous RTP. From there, the one who writes has seemed like a game too simple that, if it was not because it takes the name of a well-known television series, it would not call anyone's attention, except those who are set at the aforementioned numbers.

Be that as it may, you can play free to the classic paper house in Slotjava.

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