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RTP 95.51%
volatility Media

Legend of Fortune

They all make us enjoy a lot of adventure stories, especially those that speak of unknown territories, ancient civilizations and great treasures that nobody has discovered. All these elements are those that Red 7 has used in their online slot, Legend of Fortune and are part of the mysteries for revealing this online casino game. Our team is leisured with everything necessary to engage in the depths of the jungle.

Join us on our tour through this honest review of Legend of Fortune network 7.

Legend of Fortune, the most adventurous digital slot

When you think about rewards, booties and treasures, those classic adventurers who dare to explore all kinds of land is always coming to your head. In all generations we know them, whether they are Indiana Jones or Lara Croft. Legend of Fortune honors these stories with a very clear ambience in a classic cut digital slot.

The first thing that enters through the eyes, and that is not as usual lately, it is its introduction into video. A character inspired by one of the most famous heroines in the world of videogames embarks on an adventure towards a temple in the middle of what a Central American jungle looks like. After this very brief but intense entrance the board appears on the screen, in this case one of the most classic ones that one can be found. Its symbols have very simple designs based on objects and topical animals of the genre. Besides that, a perfectly set music is accompanied. Beyond that, his animations are quite simple and his sound, very nice.

But if we deepen what matters most, which is how Legend of Fortune works as a slot machine for online casinos, we find the most classic aspect of all the game. As soon as we start with a habitual view: 5 columns in 3 rows offering up to 20 lines of prizes.

The symbols are divided into 3 types:

  • 4 low value (J, Q, K, A)
  • 4 of average value (rowing, frog, diary and toucan)
  • 1 High Value (Legends of Fortune)

In addition to these value symbols there is a wildcard and a symbol of bonus in the form of a Mayan statue. Getting 3 of these we will have free thrown in the modes of Bonus, there are 3 different ones that hide in a blind player decision. We explain what each bonus consists of.

The first is the exhaust temper, in which some symbols give character symbols, which make it progress, every step that gives there a different bonus at stake. From the Wild card block to the source of the abundance, which converts 3 of the 5 columns to a single symbol, thus ensuring many prizes.

The second bonus consists of the tremors area "Tumbling Free Spins". Here the symbols are transformed into blocks that are falling in the play area. The symbols that are correctly exploded giving way to more symbols that will fall and can form more lines.

Finally, the most curious, the stones that fall. In this bonus mode the player sees the character protagonist on the screen on a grid with gray stones, some with special symbols. In this bonus mode the runs can be automatic or by decision of the player. Instead of seeing symbols in a roulette, here we indicate the character what stone to step on. Each stone contains a multiplier bonus, but if the character falls, the phase is finished.

Our verdict about Legend of Fortune

Legend of Fortune is a slot machine that you can find in many online casinos and you may call your attention for your appearance. If this is the case, we recommend it. It is a very classical experience, on the line of the most common slots that one can be found, but it contains a series of bonus that highlight a lot and can offer some of the most succulent prizes we have seen. Also, it's a very pleasant experience.

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