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RTP 93.65%
volatility Media

Lucky Tanks

Do you like war-themed games and fast casino games? Then the popular instant game provider Onlyplay offers you an option that is worth your attention: the Lottery Tanks type game. It is played on a 3 × 3 screen, it offers prizes up to X118 and although it does not have a joker, scatter or free spins, it has an attractive jackpot! It is available on mobile phones and tablets. Know all the advantages and features of the Instant Game Lucky Tanks in this review.


Military equipment, explosions and good prizes. What else can you ask for the instant game Lucky Tanks? Do not look for reels or pay lines in this game of OnlyPlay because you will not find them. But what you will have at your disposal will be awards until x118 in just 4 clicks; Something that very few casino games can boast. In addition to being a simple game that possibly reminds you of classical computer games, it also includes a jackpot. It allows betting between 1.00 and 500.00 and has an RTP of 93.65%. You can play on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Thematic and symbols

Tanks are already prepared in the Slot game and Lottery Lucky Tanks, which you will only find in the best onlyplay casinos in Australia, for a legendary battle that can offer you prizes up to x118 in just 4 steps. As it is not a slot machine or slot online, you will not find the typical screen with wildcards, scatters or other special symbols; Only tanks! Can you win this battle to increase your profits?


To start playing this game OnlyPlay Lottery the first thing you have to do is select your bet. Below do you have to try to guess where the four tanks on the 3 × 3 screen are hidden, will they be hidden under the stones or bushes? To know the answer you simply have to follow your intuition, make your selection, and shoot your tank!

If you walk and destroy a tank, you will receive an x2 prize your bet; And if you fail, the enemy will destroy your tank and the game will end. If you walk with the first tank you can charge your prize or continue to bet it to improve it. Two destroyed tanks offer an X5 prize, three destroyed tanks offer an X15 prize and if you destroy the four tanks on the screen, you will receive a reward of X118 your bet!

In the event that you get to destroy the four tanks in 3 consecutive starts (12 tanks in total), you will take you the jackpot!


Onlyplay Slot and Lottery Tank Tank Game is an instant game that is played on a 3 × 3 screen. It has an RTP of 93.65% and allows bets between 1.00 and 500.00. Prizes up to x118. Quick and easy game without reels or pay lines, but with Jackpot. It can be played on iOS and Android devices.

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