Slot review

RTP 96.41%
volatility ALTO

Mega Masks

Relax Gaming Mega Masks Slots is a 5 × 5 with 41 combinations, which allows you to win your bet x6,7. You may find out little, but it is not bad considering that it allows you to play from only 10 cents (up to a maximum of € 75), and your RTP ranges between 96.21% in the base game, rising at 96.41% In the Mega Bet Level 1 and 96.28% in the Mega Bet Level 2.

Its medium-high volatility will not give you problems, as is its reactivable free spins, giant symbols of 3 × 3 size, scatters and wildcards. Forms Combination with 3 or more equal symbols in adjacent rollers from left to right. What you pay most are the wildcards (x10 in combination of 5 equals), followed by the 3 types of masks (red, green and blue), and 3 types of gems of the same colors.

Three special functions for 3-color masks

The three special functions of Mega Masks are called:

  1. Mega Symbol, which as its name suggests makes it easier with giant symbols.
  2. Mega Bet, dedicated to randomly increase the frequency of extra functions and improve free spins. In front of the rollers you can see 3 floating magic stones: The first is a spiral, the second one and the third is marked with the number 2. The machine selects one of them at random, which is illuminated:
  • Basic Bet (spiral): normal game.
  • Mega Bet Level 1: It implies more extras increased at random and 5 clean blockers in free turns
  • Mega Bet Level 2: Even more Extras and 9 clean blockers in the free spins
  1. Mega Symbol Free Spins, in which the free turns are served with banner size symbols.

The generous gifts of the gods

When you see that the rings of the hands of the gods holding the board light up, it means that they reward you with giant symbols: if the 4 rings of each hand light at the same time, the reward will be a giant size symbol that occupies all The boxes.

If you take 3 Bonus symbols, the machine will give you the option to play 10 free spins unlocking colossal symbols and winning additional free spins. For this, you will see that the stones of the Mega Bet function become a hive, and the corners between symbols in the places where the luminous bees can be perched. Depending on the position they choose, they will reward you with one or another extra.

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