Slot review

RTP 96%
volatility ALTO

Neon Shapes

Sure you know the Tetris, the legendary game to fit figures and delete lines. Thanks to the Neon Shapes of Evoplay, you can play tetris and win many, many prizes in this original game of chance where your ability to form it is everything.

Join us in the honest review of the Neon Shapes slot.

Fits neon figures in the online slot Neon Shapes of Evoplay

The dynamics of this slot is very original and intake very few complications, in fact, it is a mixture between slot and the legendary game of tetris. The goal of the game is to fit figures and forming lines that throw prizes. Evoplay defines it as a game 'to take' and is that it is designed as a game to play from our mobile device both in its free version and in its payment version.

The strategy is to form vertical and horizontal prize lines with random generated figures that can be lilac, gold or orange. If you can clear gold or orange lines you will earn higher prizes. In this game there are 38 possible figures presented in all three colors.

The prizes in this slot go from the X0.08 to the X9999.99 the bet and the final prize will once throw the game, a situation that occurs when no more figures can be fitted.

You will ask if it is possible to rotate the figures and the answer is yes, but not always. In order to rotate a figure, you must accumulate 300 skill points. According to Ganes, it will increase the accumulated ability on the button. How is the ability achieve?

  • You will win 10 skill points for each placed figure
  • You will earn 100 skill points for each vertical line or horizontal unobscured
  • You will earn 100 skill points for positioning a rotada figure
  • You will earn 250 skill points at the end of the round if you have been faster than in the previous round
  • You will win 500 skill points if you crack a gold or orange line
  • You will gain 500 skill points if you clearend all the board after the game has started

Slots Neon Shapes of Evoplay: Our verdict

It is difficult to catalog this game as a slot, but in its dynamics and bet it is. The strategy is everything to win and, without a doubt, you will not like all players. Even so, it is something so original that it is worth being tested to discover its authentic fun.

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