Slot review

RTP 96%
volatility Media

Red Cap

Endorphina has surprised us a lot with Red Cap, not so much for its game rules, as well as its ambience. Slot machines for online casinos are usually based on fantasy worlds, but it is not as typical to see that a specific history of popular culture directly take as a reference. In this case the idea has turned out to be more sympathetic than we imagined.

Help Little Hall Take some prizes and sweets to your grandmother in Red Cap, we detail how to get it in this review.

Red Slots Red Cap: What great prizes you have!

Red Cap has seen us from the first moment a very nice online slot, its vibrant colors and the watercolor style in their illustrations make it very cheerful. The thing improves when some animations of characters come into play, very decent for how simple it appears to be everything and, above all, in its sound aspect, the fact that the prizes with certain figures include some of the famous phrases of the characters of This popular tale. It is one of the funniest machines we have tried.

Game dynamics

This is where part of the fun showing the visual and sound aspect, is more diluted, since we are facing a very conventional digital slot. With 5 rollers, 3 rows and 20 pay lines, in this basic aspect we are already in front of a classic machine. The figures that are part of the machine are also not particularly original:

  • The 5 reales of the deck.
  • 2 themed figures of average value with fruits.
  • 3 thematic figures of high value with grandma, the wolf and the hunter.
  • The Wild, with our protagonist.
  • The scatter, which is the basket of raid.

Bonus modes, risking along the most dangerous road

Red Cap has a too simple bonus mode, when removing 3 scatter, 10 free runs are started with the same exact rules as the main game. Being the fact of having their only advantage more thrown.

However, it exists in the same a special risk mode that allows multiplying the profits up to 10 times. It is a way in which after a trillion with a reward you can choose a letter of 5 that are face down, if it is higher than that of the delivery your profit is duplicated and you continue to have opportunities to try again. In this way you can stop and pick up the earnings whenever you want or continue playing and losing the prizes.

Thanks to the risk mode, the possible prizes of the base game that are not very high is increased, being the maximum of 1,700 times the bet value. These more or less low prizes are accompanied by a 96% RTP and average volatility. Being a game that is not so attractive for those who do not dare to use the mode of risk.

Red Cap: Our verdict

Red Cap is an online slot with some very positive aspects, especially at the graphic and sound level. It does not stand out for being the most technologically advanced of this market, but because of its fun tone and for being very nice and pleasant to play. However all this stays in a facade when they see that it is a very classical slot without much to offer.

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