Slot review

RTP 92.1%
volatility ALTO

Respin King

Respin King is a slot created by Skywind Group based on an imaginary reign, typical of a fairy tale. But is it all as idyllic as it seems? Continue reading our opinion about the game or Put yourself directly to play free to answer King with us to check it.

King numbers

This slot has five rollers, four heights and considers 40 pay lines only from left to right.

The minimum bet is 50 cents, so it is actually as if you bet at 50 lines. The maximum bet is € 10, that is, 20 cents per line.

But there is a very bad news and it is important, because it is nothing less than your rt, which only amounts to 92.1%, a figure that will make many players not even digest to give this game a chance. Do you want a consolation? At least, here in Slots-Australia you can play free kick without risking money and, therefore, without having to worry about your RTP.

Special functions

The first special function we want to talk about is the jackpots. To opt for them, you need two crowns between the rollers 2, 3 and 4. If it occurs, you are granted a free roll in which the crowns are fixed in their places. If more crowns fall into the roll, the sequence is repeated. This can be repeated until the rollers 2, 3 and 4 are filled with crowns. From five crowns, Jackpots are getting. We explain it to detail in the prizes section below.

The other function is achieved with the scatter that is the rulete symbol. You need it to appear on the rollers 1, 3 and 5 to be activated. In this feature you can get a prize in cash, free or free thrown in a multiplier.


The design of this slot transmits a good mood because somehow wet back the kingdoms of the stories that we listened to children.

The symbols have a cartoon aesthetics. Among them, the king, the crown of him, the roulette, a luxurious cup, a ring, a key and a brooch.

Music is animated, but does not tire and encourage even more during special functions. In the background, we will see a pair of Disney similar castles, separated by a meadow with a road and under a clear blue sky, in which we see the clouds move.

In our opinion, a good design that gets a pleasant atmosphere.

The awards

The symbol that is most paid is the wildcard that is the king's face. If you appear six times, nothing less than 2000 times is paid by 2000 times. The Gold Cup pays 600 times the bet and the ring and the key or the brooch do it 500 and 300 times respectively.

The jackpots are achieved with the crowns. If you accumulate five crowns in the withdrawals, pay 15 times the bet, but if you can accumulate 9 or more, the prize ascends athing less than 2,500 times your bet. And eye that unlike the payments above, this time we talk about your total bet, not your bet by line.

King respiree view

In our opinion this game has everything to be excellent, but its paupérimo RTP makes it hard to deserve to play with real money. Of course, banking always has an advantage, but only 92.1% is too little.

For the rest, the rest is all you can expect from a good slot.

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