Slot review

RTP 96.25%
volatility ALTO

Snake Arena

Did you go one of those who bother with the game of the snake? Well, the snake has its version in slot format, this time von with a bottom castle and some medieval knights that will try to scam on their food.

Play on a 5 × 5 board that is located in the courtyard of a castle with 4 towers. Combination forms with 3 or more equal symbols in adjacent rollers, always starting from the left. In total there are 3 fixed payment lines. Bet between 1 cent and € 100 for a maximum prize calculated at x2.758.8 times your bet.

The payment symbols include a crown with rubies, a ring with an emerald that is actually an eye of snake, a ham with a sword stuck and a beer jug. In addition there are another 4 lower payment symbols with the form of gold, bronze, blue and gray coins. The wildcards of the Snake Sand slot are the snake heads and the knights armed with helmet, shield and sword.

Alluvium of wildcards

This function is known as "Wild Chase" and is active at any time of the game. It consists of joining wildcards between the rollers 2 and 5. For this, you need that the snake that appears on the top and the gentleman who comes to the rollers from the bottom, coincide. When the snake runs through the roller to eat the gentleman who is opposite leaves a trail of wildcards as his step, filling the roller up and down.

Giros Free Snake Arena

When the head of the snake and the gentleman appear at the same time on screen, the free Snake Arena turns start. Before each new turn, the snake moves in its position towards the gentleman's symbol. If you get me eat, it will become bigger and generate a new additional rotation to add to initials. The function ends when the gentleman manages to cut with his sword the body of the snake.

Best of Snake Arena

During the free spins the snake can grow enough to occupy all the boxes between the rollers 2 and 5. In that case the Round of free turns will be concluded, but you will get an additional bonus that will multiply X1,000 earnings Getted during the free round.

Pros and cons of snake slots

  • There are 2 types of wildcards.
  • Although the game has an aspect of the most naïf, it is actually a high volatility machine, and it is not so easy to feed and grow the serpent.
  • Extra multipliers and wildcards are simply unbeatable.
  • The base game can be somewhat boring
  • The free turns are reactivable and their magnificent extras.
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