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RTP 96.4%
volatility Media

Space Gem

Imagine all the possibilities that exist in the universe, that abundant and infinite image is what inspires this video slot.

From the series of spatial, galactic and interstellar slots, comes Space Gem with a 6 × 3 format and 10 pay lines where you can achieve 1000 times the value of your bet.

The infinity converted into your game scenario:

In a cosmic and almost hypnotic background, with graphics to excellent resolution, reels are shown with fascinating details and colorful before the eyes of any player.

The symbols evoke the forms of stars that are actually made of gems and precious stones with colors and huge glitters.

On the table of payments we find red, yellow, green, pink and celestial quartz stars with yellow, yellow with celestial in two versions.

The wildcard symbol is represented by multicolored stars forming a ball and the word "wild".

Special and "spatial" functions:

This video slot has some special bonus features such as expandable wildcards and the classic re-turns function.

One of the preferred functions are expandable wildcards, as they allow the entire reel in which it lands a joker will be filled with wildcards. This will reward you with new turns.

Re-turns (re-spin): They are obtained thanks to the help of the wildcards and you can achieve up to 3 regimes if you run hopefully.

In addition, in the case of a Wazdan slot, it has exclusive functions in which players can modify the speed at which the reels rotate and also the level of volatility of the game.

But for the Wazdan games there are always more, so there is the unique bet function in which players can bet by doubling their bets with just one click. In this round of selection, players have 7 opportunities to guess, the result is twice as much as you have bet. Two stars will be shown and the player must be successful. If you hit the star will continue shining until it increases its color to the fullest. Otherwise, the star turns off, melts and cracks.

If you are looking for a game that allows you to raise your luck at cosmic levels, this slot will captivate you with its excellent graphics and animations of the highest quality, also offering interesting opportunities.

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