Slot review

RTP 96.3%
volatility Media


The Wazdan Games have multiple themes, but there are some series that are emblematic for the finish of their graphics and their aesthetics.

Everything is a reflection of a hidden reality:

This video slot is inspired by the mysterious spectrum of the reflections. This means that we will find an atmosphere with a certain supernatural air although with completely terrestrial symbols such as gems and stones.

Among the special symbols we have the red heart and the word "bar", which represents the greater payment symbol, which is followed by the seven of luck, then the yellow, green, red, blue, and pink gems. In addition, we have a wildcard, which replaces all the symbols and is represented by a spectral triangle.

The background of the game is represented by the darkness, the vacuum where the indefinable happens. Colorful symbols float on the screen and rotate wrapped in an electronic music that immerses us in a futuristic, modern and mystronic universe.

Spectral functions:

Among the functions we find the wildcards that expand along the reel leaving a trail of prisms of colors.

The re-rotation function is also available in this game and is activated once the wildcard symbol has covered all the reel thanks to its expandable function. During this round the wildcards will remain blocked in their positions to ensure better combinations in the next round that has been granted to you.

Being a Wazdan game has special features such as the adjustment of the volatility levels of the game, and also the regulation of the speed at which the reels rotate. However, the special Wazdan function consists of the unique selection, which is a round that is activated when players decide to duplicate their bets on 7 attempts to select.

On this occasion it has 2 mirrors and a sphere with rings in the center. The reflection of the mirror bounces and accesses in one of the two objectives. If you walk, you go to the next opportunity.

This and many other games of very diverse themes and styles are available at completely free and above all, secure. You can always have fun with the demo versions before starting a true game adventure by betting on real money.

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