Slot review

RTP 96.09%
volatility ALTO

Tetris Extreme

Tetris Extreme De Red7 is a slot based on the popular game of Tetris, launched at the end of 2019. On this page, we offer you our opinion about it, we comment on special functions and, of course, you can also play for free Tetris Extreme.

The Numbers of Tetris Extreme

The screen of this particular Tetris has seven new and 10 high boxes. There are no pay lines properly said. If the blocks that fall fill the whole width of a line, it disappears and drop more blocks. Once the lines have stopped disappearing and the falls to fall, the game takes the color clusters into account. That is, blocks of boxes with the same color. They will have to join at least 9 to receive a prize.

The RTP is 96.09% and the minimum and maximum bets are 20 cents and 100 euros respectively.

Special functions - multipliers for doing lines

As we have already said, when a complete line from left to right is filled with boxes, regardless of their color, the line disappears. Also for each line that is done, the level of the column on the left is going up. This column indicates the multiplier because the one that multiplies the prize of the roll in case there is. It may happen that many lines are made, but once they stop falling, no cluster is formed.

If the complete column is filled, you will get to enter the Free Shot Bonus. For this, you will need to make 15 lines or more.

In the free rolls, gold blocks also fall and if used to make a line, the multiplier is multiplied by five.

In addition there are three jackpot that are being filled with 2% of the bets of each individual. Once they are completed, they are randomly aginated to a user. The greater your bet, the more possibilities you have to touch you, but you can touch any with any kind of bet.

The awards

We insist that the fact that blocks do a line does not give you any prize itself. It only is worth to get the multipliers and the bonus explained above.

Once you have just dropped blocks, the clusters are evaluated, that is, the sets of boxes of the same color. Payments vary from 5 by the multiplier achieved, by a cluster of 9 to 11 boxes, up to 25 by the multiplier achieved.


It is a slot dedicated to the game of tetris and does a good job in that mission. The animations are not incredible because they were not in Tetris himself, but if what was wanted was to win the nostalgic of the game, we believe that here it has been achieved.

There is no background music, but there are sound effects that accompany each time a line is made.

In short, the game in this section is not a marvel, but it meets.

Tetris Extreme view

In our opinion it is worth playing tetris extreme free to honor that fantastic game that so many good hours has made us pass.

On the other hand, if you wonder if we would bet money, the thing can change for some. The RTP is worthy, but some players will want the slot to play a story to tell and more worked animations. This slot is for those who like how simple. If you are from those, the truth is that the dynamics of game is good and you will enjoy with it.

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