Slot review

RTP 96%
volatility ALTO

The Grand Galore

The Grand Galore is an ART Deco-style slot and well-loaded from the most decadent luxury of the early twentieth century, only suitable for those who are prepared to live in a big way: pays to X10,000 your bet and have rollers that expand up to Achieve the million combinations.

Symbols on the roll of the Grand Gatsby

In Grand Galore you will only find brightness and more brightness. All the symbols are deeply influenced by Aesthetics Art Deco and its opulence: there are precious stones of colorful colors in gold as main symbols, and the main cards of the French bead (A, L, Q ...) as lower symbols.

Asymmetric expansion rollers

One of the most peculiar things you can see in The Grand Galore, apart from the colossal size of your precious stones, are your asymmetric expansive rollers. They can reach 10 rows of height, starting from 6 rollers with 4 rows of height. To increase the height of your rollers you do not have more to chain victories, and these will grow individually.

Best of Grand Galore

  1. Rounds of up to 25 free spins activated from 3 Scatters on the screen. With every 5 active winning turns a Grand Synced responding symbols from 2 and up to 5 consecutive rollers.
  2. The free spins are reactivable.
  3. The rollers grow +1 in height with each victory, up to a maximum of 10 rows per roller.

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