Slot review

RTP 96%
volatility ALTO

Ultimate Ink

In case you are from those people who enjoy covering the indelible ink body, you are congratulations! Maybe WMS Finish throwing the perfect machine for you! Do you dare to read our review?

Ultimate Ink, as its name suggests, is a machine inspired by tattoo art and in its symbols you can see many iconic images of more studies old school. The truth is that this is one of the Slots With better aspect we have reviewed in recent times.

Again, WMS has resorted to its integrated study, Red7, to design this machine that was launched in the month of June, and this may have had enough to see in the innovative of your image. Below we will talk about the functions of this new slot that is now available in many Australian casinos.


Ultimate Ink has five rollers and four rows, but offers -agárrate well to the chair- the whopping 1024 ways to win or combinations possible by Ronda. The maximum payment is 250,000 euros, so this machine has a lot of potential, we can not say anything else. The return to the player is in the average, with 96.47%.

The minimum bet is very affordable, of 0.01 euros, while the maximum amounts to 100 euros. This makes it a slot Suitable for both small betting and fat fish.

Both awards can be received by combinations such as Jackpots progressive The best winning combinations are those in which the "skulls" come into play, which can pay up to 750 euros (an X7.5 of the initial bet).

As for progressive boats, there are three in total: Epic, Major and Minor. As it occurs in other machines of this same developer, these can be initiated randomly at any time of the runs, but they are guaranteed once a certain amount has been reached in the game.


As we have already told you, we have become pleasantly surprised by the design of this slot. Although WMS machines have enough good quality in general, they do not usually stand out for their design, but with Red7 they seem to have put the batteries and are designing very attractive things visually. The symbols have a very careful design and it shows that there is mime and I wait behind the whole process.

As for game mode and functions, bonuses and Jackpots That are offered throughout the game, we have also been very satisfied. Although it can not be said that it is a very innovative machine, we can not say that it is short in terms of benefits and entertainment. The bonuses, minigames and other details that make experience a very fun moment are missing.

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