Slot review

RTP 96.62%
volatility ALTO

Ultra Burn

Ultra Burn is a Pragmatic Play slots thrown in 2022 that joins the plethora of slots that with fire as a central theme. Do you want to burn a few prizes? Start playing free at Ultra Burn right here.

Ultra Burn numbers

In this slot we have the most classic interface with three rollers and three heights in which five lines of payment can be combined. Said lines, will only generate prizes if they are obtained from left to right.

The RTP is 96.62%. This figure is definitive to give the game a chance, even if you are not a lover of the classics, because it is taller than average. The minimum bet is 5 cents and the maximum of 250 euros, in which there would be 50 euros per line.

Special functions

Pragmatic play is a pragmatic company that according to the RAE means "It has a preference for the practical or useful". That is, they develop games with the basics and without great effects.

The basics in a slot are three rollers and three heights and that is what we have. In this game there are no special functions and, for not having, there are neither wildcards nor scatter.


The game has a very simple and classic design, without a place for exhibits. The only decorative element is fire, which consumes the symbols when there is a prize.

The symbols are number 7, the bar sign, one letter X and several fruits, which highlights the cherries, because it is the only symbol that pays only with two appearances.

The awards

The highest prize that can be achieved is 500 times your bet, which means 250,000 euros if you were making bets with the maximum amount of 250 euros. To achieve this, you need all rollers to be full of sevens.

For three sietes you pay 100 times your bet. The next prize is x10 times your bet and is achieved with three bar signs or three stars on a payment line.

Opinion of Ultra Burn of Pragmatic Play

It is a classic slot and offers no more or less than that. If you have a nostalgic day you can enjoy playing with it. It is categorized as high variance, however, the highest prize is nothing of the other world (x500). What is to be satisfied is the RTP.

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