Slot review

RTP 96.38%
volatility ALTO

Victoria Wild

The heroin of the Trudlelab software provider will not hesitate to endanger your life by crossing the desert of the Victoria Wild slot to help you get prizes up to 375,000. In this Online Slot of 5/6 Reels and 15 pay lines you can make bets from only 0.01 per payment line and include 3 different wildcards. It also has two free spin bonuses, scatter, multipliers and respi function. It is available on mobile phones and tablets. Know all the advantages and features of the Slot Victoria Wild in this review.


The most famous adventurer of the Trudlelab software provider is already prepared in Victoria Wild slot to face a dangerous desert in search of profits that can offer prizes up to 375,000. It is a 5-reel slot that can also be played with an additional reel in certain situations and has 3 lines and 15 pay lines. It has an RTP of 96.38% and allows bets between 0.15 and 45.00. It stands out for its 3 wildcards, scatter, multipliers, respi function and 2 free spin bonuses. You can play on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Thematic and symbols

One of the advantages of the Slot Victoria Wild, which you will only find in the best Truelab casinos in Australia, is that it has such good design, that from the first turn you will immerse you in an authentic adventure for the desert in search of a great prize. The smaller symbols are related to the cardinal points in English (S, N, E, W) and offer up to 900.00 for 6 equal icons in the reels. The best symbols are boots, cantimplora, motorcycle, gun, victory and wildcards lamp and tornado as they offer prizes between 1,800.00 and 7,200.00 for 6 equal icons on reels.

Free bonds and spins

During the base game the intrepid victory will have to conquer the desert if you want to achieve the best treasures. And wildcard tornadoes can help you with the Sudden Sandstorm function in which a sandstorm leaves between 2 and 6 wildcards torn in the reels; If two wildcards are attached, Sticky Tornado respins receive.

There are two options to achieve a free round of games:

  • If 25 oasis symbols are gathered during the base game (you can check your progression on the map that is on the right of the map), this bonus is activated, offering 10 free games on a screen with an additional spool and wildfield in expansion.
  • The temple bonus is activated with the scatters as follows: 3 scatters = 8 free spins, 4 scatters = 10 free spins, 5 scatters = 11 free spins. This bonus is also played with a sixth reel. During this round you can get the secret treasure if you get together 7 wildcards lamp on the reels. When this happens, it appears a very special roulette with multipliers up to X25 and prizes up to 2,500.00.


The Truelab Victoria Wild Slot is a game of 5/6 Reels and 15 lines of payment with an RTP of 96.38% that allows bets between 0.15 and 45.00. 375,000 prizes. Includes 3 wildcards, scatter, multipliers, respi function and 2 free spin bonuses. It can be played on iOS and Android devices.

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