Slot review

RTP 95.3%
volatility Baja

Werewolf Wild

The graphic adventures of the 90s filled the hours of adolescence of many of us. With total security this Free slot machine You will return you to the emotion of those games.

Werewolf Wild, a wolf man walks loose in London

Aristocrat Online has us accustomed us to high-quality visual slot machines accompanied by simple but effective game dynamics. It is, therefore, a dynamic and cash game based on the usual 5-rollers free virtual video machines and three rows with up to 25 possible prizes.

As we have commented, the graphics of this game remind the PC's graphic adventures of the years 90. Surely titles like Day of The Tentacle will come at the head of many players to see for the first time the design of this machine. Likewise, the sounds of this game are very little invasive. We do not find, as in other machines of this same gaming producer, atmosphere music or sound environment. We only have sounds that follow the actions of pressing the game buttons, the rotation of the rollers and the prizes.

This machine has been scheduled in the usual flash language, very popular in online casinos. You will need to have Adobe Flash installed on your Windows, Mac OS or Linux computer to play Werewolf Wild. If you want to play from your mobile device with Android or iOS, you must use an adapted version.

Dynamics of the game

This game, unlike others from Aristocrat, is something more complex and incorporates some very interesting options and that we review then, but first we go for the basic dynamics.

The game screen has five rollers and three rows and up to 25 prize lines. When you start the default game we have the bet set at $ 0.20 credits to the 25 possible lines, which makes a total bet of $ 5 credits. In this machine we can not choose separately the lines we bet on, but we will only choose the total credits. In Balance you can see the balance you have available and in 'Total Bet', the bet by running.

By pressing Spin will put the machine into operation and, when the rollers stop, a random combination of figures will be formed. If a prize line is formed, you will see that the line number that has been awarded is illuminated. In case you get more than one line simultaneously, you will only receive the prize of the highest prize line.

The game has 12 prize figures and other bonuses and extras that we will see in the next chapter of this review of Werewolf Wild. By the low band of prizes we have the figures that correspond to the deck of French cards and which are 10, j, Q, K and A. In the upper band of the figures of this free slot we have the thematic figures:

  • The street lamp
  • The carriage
  • The policeman
  • The maid
  • El Gentleman
  • The man-wolf howling
  • The man-wolf converted, which is the figure of greatest value.

Unlike other machines, the figure of the man-wolf already converted gives a prize possibility if it appears only 2 times, in addition to it can sometimes work as wildcard WILD.

Finally, this free Machine Slot allows you to play in automatic shooting mode. For this you must press the 'Autoplay' button and a small menu will be displayed with the available options. You can automate from 5 to 25 consecutive automatic runs. Keep in mind that you must have enough balance available for these plays, since the bet you leave marked at the beginning in this way, it will be the one that will be applied in all the runs.

Bonuses and extras

The Aristocrat machines usually do not incorporate too many extras, but Werewolf Wild is an exception. This machine has some extras that make the game more exciting. One of them is the option 'Werewolf's Touch Bonus' with 'Contagious Wilds'. This option, unique in this type of machines, makes if 3, 4 or 5 figures of the Wolf man appear with the full background, we can get 7, 14 or 28 free kicks. But also, during the game of free runs every time the Wolf man appears on the rollers, any 'human' figure of this game (maid, policeman or Gentleman) will be transformed into another man-wolf.

On the other hand, each time the gold coin appears in the drum 1, together with one of the wolf men, the machine will grant a random multiplier of the prize of 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 20 or 40. Finally, During any run, man-wolf claws may appear on any figure and become a man-wolf, giving rise to a prize or functioning like wildcard Wild.

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