Slot review

RTP 97.61%
volatility ALTO

Win the hen

Digital slot machines are increasingly adding more and more complex rules, Skywind Group has wanted to surprise these concepts with which it can be the simplest and most grateful machine. We tell you that it makes Vinci La Lenna as particular, a slot available in the best online casinos.

Skip the field gate and discover with us the prizes you can get in Vinci La Hen.

Online slots Vinci La Gallina, a simplified experience full of prizes

Vinci La Gallina can be the slot machine for simpler online casinos that we have ever seen, is something that makes visible from its interface. With the bet buttons, Shot, Automatic Shot and two quite important additions, the Cashpot and the Collect. The machine just has animations or a bright graphic work, it works within this simplicity very well. Music does not even exist, everything is a prizes or loss of these.

But let's go to the important thing, what makes this machine so special. The first thing is that we only have 1 roller in sight, yes, only one and a single row where one of the 5 figures may appear or remain halfway. On top of this roller, 3 columns of prizes appear, each with one of the prize figures and above the 3 an arrow and the maximum prize. Let's explain the figures to better understand the operation:

The 3 prize figures are a horseshoe (low value), a star (medium) and a bell (El Alto). Each time one of these figures appears, the first lower row of the corresponding column is illuminated, and all of them are adding prizes. If you reach the maximum of the column, each time that figure appears, it will automatically get the maximum prize in the column without having to pick up from the amount. When the amount is collected from the amount, all the columns return to their normal position, the same as it happens if the fox appears, which in addition to resetting the empty prizes the cashpot. Finally, the chicken is equivalent to the 3 figures, adding prize in the 3 columns.

This simple performance makes it quite exciting, since you have to play it a lot and see great prizes lost before you can reach the jackpot. Being in the hands of the player if he collected little by little or trusting him.

If we join a maximum volatility and a fairly high RTP, 97.61%, make it a good machine to try something different without risking too much, although the risk depends a lot about the player. The prizes range from 1 to 500 times the value of the bet, which being between 0.10 and 300 coins, leaves the maximum boat in a prize of up to € 150,000,000. Nothing bad for such a simple slot.

Vinci La Gallina, our verdict

This simple slot machine has surprised us with a very particular way to play with which you can easily get profits if you acts conservatively and calmly, although it opens the door to the great bettors to try your luck risking prizes already achieved to go by Some higher.

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