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When we talk about online casino games, almost always focus on slot machines, poker or baccarat. Is it true that they are the most popular games, but what happens with live games? Real-time games, transmitted in Streaming, also have behind studies that create them and make them a reality for you, player, to enjoy the excitement of a live roulette.

Authentic Gaming was founded in 2015 and is one of the most recent operators of how many we have analyzed here. Your difference with other software operators for casinos is that Authentic Gaming has focused on two sectors: offline and online. In this review we are going to focus on the online sector.

Historia de Authentic Gaming

The motto of Authentic Gaming in English is "IT Ain't Realistic, It's Real" (not realistic, is real) gives us very interesting tracks before what kind of online gaming creator we are. This casino game provider operates both in real casinos and online casinos, being a comprehensive management software provider through Leo Ventures, as part of the Holding dedicated to gambling 'Leovegas Group'.

When it was founded in 2015, this company had only 3 workers who were engaged in live games of casino games through the Internet, with the possibility that connected players could participate in them. Somehow, this software creator became one of the pioneers in bringing real casinos to player computers around the world.

Of the 3 initial players and due to the success that his formula and technology supposed, he would soon increase his template until he had a great team working from Malta to bring the experience of real casinos to online casinos.

In 2018, this operator received the license to operate in the different online casinos from countries such as the United Kingdom, Romania or Cyprus, among others.

Software Development and Safety

Like all operators we reviewed, Authentic Gaming is a safe operator and it should be noted that all its games are transparent and work 'as in reality' because they are 100% real. The roulettes that are used in the transmissions of this operator are real and all the quality controls required by law have passed, both those that are part of the casinos distributed throughout Europe, such as those who are in the studies in Malta.

The Authentic Gaming video transmission system works in HD scalable practically all the time and no quality losses. Even so, it will be adapted to your device and connection speed, but always guaranteeing a high quality transmission even from mobile phones connected to the Internet. On the other hand, although we can not speak or interact with the croupier in any of the games, the system is fast enough and stable enough to send the bets before the croupier throws the ball.

Games catalog and products

Authentic Gaming games are different from those we usually reviewed. This operator does not work creating casino games, if not taking the action of the casinos to our house. The product of this operator is a streaming transmission from a casino of a game like roulette, where both the croupier and players are real. For example, in the case of roulette, we have a split screen where two thirds are occupied by roulette and croupier and in the third that is missing we have bets, in addition to the results of previous games.

From which casinos Opera Authentic Gaming?

This operator offers online roulette transmissions from Aspers casinos, in the United Kingdom, the Batumi Hilton Casino in Georgia, the Aarhus Casino in Denmark, the Foxwoods Resort in Las Vegas, El Platinum Casino at the hotel Radisson de Bucharest or the San Vicente casino in Italy, among others.

We can also connect with self-roulettes that Authentic Gaming has in several studies at Malta headquarters. We can choose up to 5 classic, fast and VIP roulettes.

Authentic Gaming es diferente

Yes, this operator is really different because it does not create online games based on algorithms, but that it works with real roulette transmission systems located in the most prestigious hotels and casinos in Europe, as well as five Roulettes 24/7 located in their studies .

An operator who, despite being so young, has grown exponentially thanks to its focus on the live casino business, as well as offering online casino management services and real casinos, its offline branch.

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