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Gamomat is a giant in the development of gambling, since its foundation a little over a decade ago have created more than 250 titles. A few numbers that do nothing more than grow at an unparalleled rate. This company is committed to using the latest technologies and facilitating access to its vast catalog.

Join us to visit the catalog, history and way of working from Gamomat, a very fruitful German Games Slot developer.

Brief history of gamomat

Gamomat was founded in 2008 in Berlin, a major date and location, since in that year in Germany one of the most restrictive federal laws was approved for the game sector for online casinos. This is a foundational fact and never better, fundamental to understand the guarantees and work capacity that this German company offers.

In just this dozen years Gamomat has been able to become a reference developer in the sector thanks to its productive activity. Your games are developed for all types of devices, including catalogs designed for machines in game rooms and casinos from around the world. This is committed to a universal vision of the sector both in the physical and on the Internet has valid for them to grow at a great pace and overcome the whopping 250 games in 12 years.

At this time the company has expanded its staff and its borders, you just have to take a look at your job section to find at least 7 or 8 job offers in your headquarters. This international expansion was due to your quick leap from games for casino machines to digital slots to play online.

Development of software and technology

Gamomat has made a clear commitment to an easy and standardized development of games that can be used anywhere. Its slots are available in rooms and casinos from around the world, but they are also within your reach in a crowd of online casinos. For this, they have worked from their beginnings on platforms such as HTML 5.0, taking care of the optimization of all their developments.

This optimization is very evident in its games, especially in those who come with the Flow label, which is as they call the technology with which this multi-transpose capacity, great optimization and the universality of platforms for their games. A series of facilities for the casinos themselves, whether they are online or in person, can configure and check the catalog, in addition to making sure they all work where it is necessary.

The Gamomat Games

As we have already mentioned before, the Gamomat digital slot catalog is endless, we talk about more than 250 unique games with a standardized level of quality among all of them. His graphics tend to be quite simple, but have quite nice animations and are exceptionally clear. This makes us talk about games with a good quality that, although they do not stand out on a visual level, always manage to call and capture the player's attention. At the sound level they emphasize much more, since they have melodies and sounds very obtained and pleasant, nothing annoying, something that should always be mentioned.

With regard to the catalog in itself, in these lines we could not wear everything that can offer you, but we are going to talk about different categories by thematic to put some of its most outstanding examples.

  • Classic rolls: We found a very vast catalog of classic roll slots with many variations between the number of rows with prize, rolls and figures available. From here we can highlight games such as Fruit Love, one of the most common themes or 777 Win Blaster that takes only three rolls with the most traditional figures in the sector such as cherries, lemons, sieps, bells and stars and 5 prize lines.
  • Historic: Gamomat has created many slots with very original coils that have dozens of historical settings. Since the Egyptian with best sellers such as Ramses Book, passing through Roman Legion or Ancient Riches, the latter taking as an image the millenary culture of Indonesia.
  • Contemporary and cultural: Between the catalog of its digital slot machines there are many examples of games with contemporary settings such as Football Super Spins or Beer Party. Of course there are many others that refer to film titles such as Fancy Fireworks that recalls the Aviator or Book of Madness, a terrifying game that takes references of video game of terror.
  • Editions: One of the most common features among Gamomat games are your special editions with games to which you apply the "Red Hot Firepot" label to which large bonuses have been added. Others have the Bonus "Golden Nights" or the Christmas editions full of color and fun. However, those who have given us the most attention are those that bet on mixing thematic and add bonuses such as respondents of amunore, available in many of their classics.


We have already talked about the restrictive law that was approved in 2008 in Germany and that it greatly limited the activity of this casino game development sector. Only this is already a guarantee of security and the standards that Gamomat must meet to be one of the few companies based in the country. In addition to this, it has venues and permits for online game in Malta, United Kingdom and the Isle of Man. Licenses that are also a good guarantee of security that this developer provides for the player.

Gamomat, a slot giant

If for something it is remarkable Gamomat, it is for its nourished catalog of quality digital slots. It is not the most innovative and most innovative most colorful or mechanical graphics, but we talk about tens and hundreds of slot machines that work perfectly on any device either in game rooms or mobiles and computers.

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