Northern Lights Gaming casino and slot games

There are many calls, but few chosen ones, or that is the motto of Northern Lights Gaming, a developer of online slot machines based in Stockholm and Manchester. This company has managed to position itself in a short time in the market with a limited number of games that have come with collaborations to the main distributors.

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Breve historia de Northern Lights Gaming

Northern Lights Gaming was founded at the end of 2017 by a small team of professionals who had more than 20 years of experience in the Games Market. Some of these members are behind the most successful Machines Slot in the United Kingdom, being former members of Barcrest and WMS, two of the large sector. This company was created with two venues, one in Manchester and the other in Stockholm and achieved in just one year the license of the UKGC and the certificate of the Alderney Gaming Core Services Associate. Two authorizations that facilitate the benefit of the presence of their games in online casinos.

Since then they have reached agreements with the main platforms of Slots online as SG Digital, Sky Vegas, 888 Casino and Relax Gaming in the Silver Bullet Partnership program. In addition, they were the first study of the globe to be part of the ambitious plan of YGGDRASIL: YGS MASTERS. In 2019 they took out the first game of this collaboration, the successful Niagara Falls.

In total, Northern Lights Gaming has developed 7 digital slots in which a very worked and detailed graphic looks out, good animations and systems that mix very well the most basic rules of rolls with some fun introductions. His last machine so far is a collaboration with Yggdrasil that came out in March of this 2022.

Development of software and technology

The Digital Machine Slot of Northern Lights Gaming emphasizes especially for its good use of technology for online game. We are talking about very recent developments about HTML 5 and with the support and experience of years in the sector. In addition to access to the development facilities that YGGDRASIL contributes to its collaboration program.

From this we take games that have some of the most colorful graphics on the market with extraordinary fluidity on any device, whether on desktop and portable via browser or mobile and tablets. All a splurge at a technical and artistic level that makes your games highlight at a visual level without abusing as often happens of chillion colors and effects that suggest view.

The Northern Lights Gaming Games

Taking a more detailed look at Northern Lights Gaming's digital slots We find a relative variety in its catalog, always working with classic roller machines with 5 different ranks. What they all have in common is that at the visual level they highlight very much for a careful, pleasant and without constitutional aspect, are machines that do not force their color to draw attention, they do it more with living funds, very fluid animations and a sound section Also very pleasant and without any kind of estidencies.

In addition, all its slot machines are very affable with the player's bets with a good return and a low volatility, with some machine with average volatility. But let's look at their most outstanding releases in detail:

His first work was Electric Wilds, perhaps his most risky bet on a 3 × 3 roulette with very original graphics, although not so attractive. It stopped the screen to show two 3 × 3 packs, one of rollers and the other one a type 3 screen on which the bonus symbols that are applied on the game symbols appear.

Electric Wilds followed Rocky's Gold, with a much more standardized and treated style in the search for jewelry and gold at the Wild West. Later, Blast Off appeared, mixing aspects of futurism style 70s and the classic slot symbols such as the 7S and the bar.

The greatest quality jump came with its collaborations with YGGDRASIL. The first, Niagara Falls is the game of it with greater volatility and lower RTP, but it is also one of the rounder works of it. It is a 5 roller slots with usual fruits and syms that are played on a classic style machine set in the Niagara Falls. With that premise get some of the most recognizable sounds and animations in the sector. In addition, for the bonus he tributes one of the most famous gambling of East, El Pachinko.

We also find 100 Fortunes or All Star Knockout, the latter its latest development. It is about two more traditional slots, an adjoining in China and the other with the usual symbols, of which its spectacular bonus stand out.

But if there is a digital slot machine of Northern Lights Gaming to which you have to take a look in addition to Niagar Falls, that is Aurora. This is its first Silver Bullet collaboration and offers one of the most advanced graphic experiences of this world. Fully original graphics and music, 3D animations and even the presence of completely animated ogres that appear from Wild and move columns and celebrate the prizes. One of the most spectacular games at this level that we have tried.

Northern Lights Gaming, sabor nórdico

Nordic culture takes years taking our lives and their way of working has become an objective to reach. Watching the digital slots that Northern Lights Gaming creates, there is no doubt that there is something in them beyond previous experience and the graphic aspect. As we have already mentioned, there are many great who are collaborating with this small company with two venues in northern Europe, for something it will be.

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