Normativa slots online UK Gambling Commission

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The United Kingdom Game Commission announces a series of new rules that affect the design of online SLOTs, in order to favor responsible game.

On February 2, the UK Gambling Commission, regulatory authority issued national licenses and for online casinos that accept international players, published the New package of measurements For the control and protection of Slots players.

The four key points of the new regulation will have an impact on the design of the slot with:

  1. Limits on the speed between turns
  2. Annulment of automatic game option
  3. Canceling functions that accelerate the game
  4. Annulment of audiovisual effects or functions that celebrate losses as if they were profits (prize equal to or less than the bet)

The speed between turns can not be less than 2.5 seconds. For its part, the option of automatic game will be forbidden because it has been possible to show that many players end up losing the notion of the game during their activation and sometimes allows betting at the same time in several games.

A global campaign for the responsible game

The decision has been taken after the consultation of players, public and companies in the online gaming industry, within the framework of measures so that operators implement

  • New forms of protection to the player
  • The reduction of "aggressiveness" in advertising campaigns
  • The promotion of greater control of players in their decisions when playing

Why the design of the online slots changes

Currently online slots are the type of online casino game in which players accumulate (with much difference) a higher average loss, according to statistics that handles UK Gambling Commission.

In the previous assessments carried out, it has been concluded that, due to its design characteristics, the Slots are the game with greater degree of intensity or passionate by the players, which entails greater risk for them.

The measures, which shares many points in common with the German regulations That will come into force in July, should be introduced by operators in all its games as of October 31, 2022.