Niki Niki Lauda Homenaje

The Expiloto had been Ambassador of Novomatic since 2014

The three-time winner of the Formula 1 Championship died on May 20 at age 70 in Switzerland. After the withdrawal of him he had resided in Ibiza until 2018.

Linked to our country since you achieved here your first victory in the 1974 Grand Prix, Lauda was one more in Ibiza, island to which it was linked in 1976 and the place where it resided together with your family since 2005.

Last weekend Formula 1 gave a tribute sense during the Monaco Grand Prix 2019. For this the attendees were invited to dress their emblematic red hat during the minute of silence kept in his memory, and Novomatic, the famous international supplier responsible for successes as The Book of RA series, he did the same by publishing a video with The latest images that Lauda recorded for the brand in 2017.

In 2014 Novomatic spent sponsoring the characteristic red hat with which Lauda covered his serious injuries resulting from an accident while piloting in 1976, and that he had become one of his hallmarks. At the time the sponsor turned out controversial, to the point that became necessary clarify that it was a personal sponsorship. Niki Lauda is one of Formula 1 riders more valued and admired among motoring professionals, and especially a very dear personality by the general public and career fans.