Network Progressive Jackpot: A different boat

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The QTECH GAMES provider, one of the most recognized brands in the international market and with great presence in Asian jurisdictions, launches a different and innovative jackpot type.

Network Progressive Jackpot by Qtech Games is a different progressive jackpot function, which will soon be available in the creations of several of the highest distribution iGaming brands. BLUEPRINT GAMING is the first study that signed an agreement to include it in 28 of its titles.

New games with the innovative Network Progressive Jackpot

In addition to Blueprint games, the Network Progressive Jackpot can also be found soon in brand games Evolution, which recently changed its corporate name and acquired another giant of the industry: Netent.

From Qtech they have further implemented for other game providers to be able to completely include the function in their designs. In addition to the new progressive jackpot, the company is focused on the production of other patented technologies for innovation in the mechanics of innovative and attractive games and functions for players.

About QTech

QTECH has been positioned in recent months as one of the leading distributors of Igaming in regulated emerging markets. Since Asia, its presence is currently consolidated in Eastern Europe and Latin America, while lasting its merger with EPIC Media and when you have just signed an agreement with One Touch.

The brand has made the production of functions for other studies one of its assets, along with the distribution of games. Now your goal is to take out the highest performance of a different accumulated boat system, which is presented as one of the best marketing strategies for the igaming world. Among the current features that offer for operators are Free Spins promotions, real-time reports, tournament solutions and bet limit management.