Popeye Surca the seas of the online casinos of Australia

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Games. It continues to base its products in comic strip characters, as it already did with Flash Gordon or Mr. Magnificent

Popeye has joined the Crew of Mga Games to surf the seas of the online casino platforms in Australia. Following the good results harvested with other characters of comic strips, as was the case Flash Gordon O Mr. Grand, the developer in product located for global operators has selected the legendary sailor for its latest production.

The stocky character is now transformed into a Australian slot, next to his Olivia Bride and the evil Brutus, in a totally immersive experience that fully introduces the player into a new great adventure.

On 'Popeye, Cazatessoros'The popular mini-games that Mga Games offers their online casino user. In this way, if in the play a prize of the figures of the symbol 'Popeye', 'Brutus' U 'Olivia' is accessed the map where players can freely choose between pirate island, desert, shipwreck or golden island.

MGA Games has managed to reproduce with almost absolute perfection the image of Popeye and his companions in this adventure, with an exceptional graphic quality and a rompedor style, to which we must add a musical setting and carefully elaborate sound effects, thanks to that has been counted on the producer Quique Tejada as responsible for the project.

Envelope Games.

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