Replay Pragmatic Play to share victories

Pragmatic Replay is a tool with which players can share and reproduce their best prizes in Slots Pragmatic Play with the players community

The new TRAPMATIC PLAY Slot developer tool allows players to reproduce and share their 100 best achievements, showing them on social networks.

How to share your best victories when playing with Pragmatic Play

To activate this option it is necessary to click on the "Replay" button that is placed in the upper right corner of the slots Pragmatic Play.

In addition to allowing the moment of the prize to be visualized by other people, it also functions as a compilation to play as many times as you want a winning round. In this way players can remembrees the emotion of the achievements achieved

As a measure of protection of players' privacy, the replays mode removes the contents shown at the time of the prize and also authenticates the repetition including a characteristic "replay" sign.

What Slots of Pragmatic Play can be used Replay

Pragmatic Replay is not available at the moment in all the titles of the Pragmatic Play catalog, although in some of the most popular as The Dog House Megaways or the famous one. Wolf gold. However, The objective in the short and medium term is that little by little are going to include more titles with the new tool available.

We put all our effort into constantly looking for new ways to generate exciting experiences among our players, and we are happy to be able to present Pragmatic Replay. Our players are more committed than ever with the community, and creating tools to share their best victories will join them to celebrate their great moments.

Yossi Barzely, Director of Business Development in Pragmatic Play