Pai Gow - Do you want to know how to play and win at the Pai Gow Poker?

Before you start explaining how PAI Gow Poker is played, we anticipated that if you know how to play poker, you have more than half of the road traveled. The value of the letters is the same as in the original poker and the main difference is that, instead of facing us against the rest of the table players, we face exclusively to the croupier.

This game of cards is an emerging star in online casinos. It is not difficult to imagine why: the margins for the house are low and the format is familiar, so it is an ideal choice for both novice bettors and others more veterans who want to try something new.

The Pai Gow Poker is the adapted version - from the beginning of the 80s, invented by Fred Wolf- of the Pai Gow, which is a game of Chinese origin similar to the domino. The goal, as we have already advanced, is to defeat the banking, for which you will have to create two hands of poker with seven cards. A deck of 52 cards and a wild card is used in the Pai Gow Póker.

The basic rules

On the table sits six players and all play against the croupier, also called the banking. Each one receives seven cards and must form two hands: one of five cards, which would be the high hand, and another of two cards, which would be the low hand. The values of the cards, as we already told you, are the same as in traditional poker.

The best thing that can happen to you is that you defeat the croupier with both hands, but if you only do it with one is not so bad either. Since it is a slow development game, you can go considering certain details to scratch points during the game.

How to join a table?

In the Pai Gow Poker, that a seat is empty does not always mean that it is available so you can get there and "sit", since it can also be reserved. Another possibility is that what is known as a "dragon hand" is being played, that is, the second hand of someone who is already sitting at the table. The third possibility is, of course, that the seat is simply available and that you can access the table quietly.

The value of the hands

  • The hand of five cards: In the hand of five cards, the strongest combinations are exactly the same as in poker. The only difference is that in the PAI Gow Póker the highest staircase is that formed by A-K-Q-J-Q-10 and is followed by that formed by A-2-3-4-5, which is the second combination of greater value.
  • The hand of two cards: The best thing you're going to be able to get for two cards are two aces. In any case, also, it is best to be a couple or two cards of the same value.

The betting system

Once the cards have been shuffled and before distributing them, the croupier will ask players to make their bets. Think about it, because there is no reverse. Once all the bet are betting on the table, the croupier will begin to distribute the cards. He remembers that with the seven letters you are going to receive, you must form two sets: one of five and another of two. Once the hands are decided, it is revealed who has won the game.

In case your two hands are better than those of the bench, you will have earned. When only one of the two hands is better than one of the croupier, there is a push And you are returned the amount you have bet. If both hands of the bench earn yours, there will be won the croupier and everything bet is taken by the house. There may also be a tie, and in case of a tie ... Win the house!

How to win a game of Pai Gow Poker?

Although the pai goow poker is not complicated to understand, it is true that it is one of the games In which decision making is tougher. Since you have to form two hands, the possible combinations are innumerable and you have to have many variables in mind.

As we have already told you, this game is long. That means it is a good option for you to meet the bet requirements in case you are playing with a bonus and also, depending on the casino you will receive enough rewards for the bets you make, that are not going to be few.

In case you are playing live, do not hesitate to talk to the croupier. You can even ask you to change the letters that are necessary in your hand and explain to you at what points you could improve.

With a good game strategy, in addition, you can significantly reduce the margin of the house. Take advantage of all Bonuses That offers you the casino, play slowly, think your movements well and take advantage of the duration of the game to optimize all these variables.

In summary, the Pai Gow Póker is distinguished from his cousin, traditional poker, in which at the table we face the croupier and not against the rest of the players. You will receive seven cards and you will have two winning hands. Nowadays this game is available in Numerous online casinos -And also have more and more acceptance-, so why do not you try to give it a chance? It may be the perfect card game for you!