How to play the point and bench (Baccarat)

Baccarat tables attract players from all over the world seeking high limits. Traditionally they have been very popular in Asia, where Baccarat tables work with a complex and exciting ritual: but you can currently play at any online casino. In Australia, Baccarat is known as a point (player) and banking (table).

Baccarat rules

The goal of Baccarat is to achieve a total value of 9 or approach the maximum without getting to pass. When you play, bet on the point of the point (which represents the player) or the banking (casino). In total, at each traditional casino table there are up to 14 places for betting, which choose between:

  1. Betting on the player or point (1 to 1)
  2. Bet on banking (1 to 1, with commission)
  3. Bet on the result will be a tie or tie between point and bench (8 to 1)

The game begins when they are distributed upside down 2 cards stop the player and another 2 cards for the bench. Among all bettors sitting at the table, who has made the highest bet by the player is in charge of turning the point letters, and a croup will then turn on the 2 cards of the bench.

Other bets available, available at the online Baccarat tables of some suppliers such as PlayTech, are pairs of letters (equal or identical) in the same hand:

  1. Either Pair (same figure)
  2. Perfect Pair (same value and figure)
  3. Banking couple or player couple (of any kind)

If the value of the letters divided initially is very low, there are more, so there are a couple of more options, with which you can also bet on which a total of 4 (small), 5 or 6 cards are distributed. (Big).

Value of the letters

In the baccarat the hands always have a value between 0 and 9. For this reason, when they exceed the value 10 they are subtracted 10. If for example one hand is composed of 4 + 7 = 11, its value will be 11-10 = 1.

  • As=1
  • 10, J, Q y K=0
  • 2 to 9 = natural value

Game variations

If you want to play baccarat online at Australian casinos you will find that most have a version known as mini point and banking, more dynamic than original baccarat, but it is played with the same rules. At the Australian point and banking the rituals to distribute and flip the letters are simplified, and the bet limits are lower.

Strategies to play

Unlike BlackJack, There are no methods of counting cards or strategies to play Baccarat. Counting letters is not only allowed, but it is most likely that you find that the casino shows you in the game interface the history of the latest hands.

What can be done then to improve the options of winning at the point and bench? Like in All Gambling, the thing is a matter of luck, but the advantage of 1.17% of banking makes it objectively seem more enabling to bet on it. Hence, many casinos include an extra commission when betting on banking.