Video Poker

All casinos offer this game that is as acclaimed by many. It is a modality that allows you to experience the best of the game and the best of a casino but 100% online. Videogames for online casinos have razed earning thousands of players who, from home, feel like in a real casino while playing with people, croupiers and real money. If you are thinking about combining comfort, accessibility and fun, video poker without a doubt, will not disappoint you.

Video Poker Online Have you tried it?

If you still do not know it, start it is very simple. For this we explain some things that you should keep in mind before starting playing online poker. Poker is a classic card game that consists of forming the best combination of possible letters.

One of the attractions of playing online is that some machines allow you to play in a multi-hand format being able to participate up to 10 simultaneous games. Clearly, if you are starting it is better to try 1 and go increasing your skills as you understand the game. There are also modalities of flash games so you can train with the game quickly and streamline your level of mental response at the same time as you sharpen your intuition. You are against the machine but, as always, chance marks the pattern.

Rules and strategies for Video Poker Do you know them?

To get the jackpot in the video poker game you must achieve the best combination with your 5 cards in hand and 5 on the table. For this you must know the ways in which your letters add up more.

The value of the cards is the same: the numbers are worth what they indicate and the letters j q k as they are worth more than the numbers. The AS is the star letter. You must know how to combine the value and pint to increase your profits.

The game always starts with an initial bet, which is what will add the pot. You start with 2 cards that will allow you to decide if you follow or stop. If you follow, it means that you can increase your bet and continue asking cards until you have the fifth letter in hand. Each round allows you to request a letter or stay but adding your bet on the maximum bet at stake. If you decide to retire you lose your bet.

The strategies have to do with which of the combinations is more convenient for the hand that has come out. You must consider what are the letters you will keep, and what are you going to discard. Once you have secured your strategy, you can focus on playing properly to replace the letters that do not serve you for those who could make you win. The result will be seen at the end of the game, where the best combination wins.

Some of the combinations you can play are:

Couples: two equal letters

Trio: three equal letters

Dirty staircase: letters with sequence of different pint numbers

Real staircase: Letters with sequence of numbers of the same pint

Full House: 1 threesome + 1 couple

Poker: 4 equal letters

When you have already understood some basic concepts then it is time to play and increase your chances of winning. Do not forget that each game of video poker has its own peculiarity, its evolution and a payment system. When you play for free you can start interrelation yourself with these game dynamics.

Variants of Video Poker What is better?

The goal of the game, as in classical poker, is to achieve the best combination with the 5 cards you have in hand and those on the table. For this there are some video poker styles that will allow you to enjoy the speed of game relative to the physical game tables.

The variants that are on video poker machines are in the style of slots where the game is simplified to the maximum but the emotion is impossible to decrease it.

There are different modalities to play video poker The main difference is in the winning combinations since some video poker machines pay more for certain combinations, from there there are different options for different tastes and motivations.

There are some video poker games in which wildcards are not used, while others do allow you to letters. Here we list the most popular.

Jacks or Better: The letter with J is a wildcard. You need at least a couple of jotas to win.

Joker Poker: Enter an additional letter that is a wildcard. With this, instead of 52 letters there will be 53. The minimum combination to pay is the couple of kings or better, but there are also machines that pay the couple of aces or better, and you can even achieve payments from double a couple.

Aces and Faces: The game seeks to combine aces with figures such as Jotas, Ladies and Reyes, (J-Q-K), being the Jotas couple the minimum combination.

All American: Inspired by Jacks or Better but without wildcards. The value of color combinations, stairs and color stairs is increased. Instead, the other combinations are reduced. That is why it is important to be attentive to the table of payments, since there you can see what the combinations you should achieve to win.

Tens or Better: In this modality the cards with the number 10 will be the best paid.

Deuces wild: The letter with number 2 is a wildcard. That is, you have 4 comfort equivalent to the 4 letters with the number two of each stick that make up the deck. In this game the minimum prize is paid from the trio.

So now you can choose the one you like the most and know how to use your mind with your good luck.

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