How to choose your favorite slot

Saying what is online slots that best suits your tastes can be as simple as an essay and error experiment, testing different titles. The problem is that the catalog of Online Slots available is too large, and each day includes new releases. Here you have some clues to choose your favorite slot without going crazy.

How to look at when choosing an online slot to play for real money

This is going to sound a little weird, but the first thing you have to do to make a good decision is not to look at the available catalog. First of all you need to be clear about what kind of experience you want for your game sessions.

Are you looking for an online slot with which to sit after a hard day, relax and just disconnect? Or on the contrary, perhaps you prefer intense emotions in sessions that lengthen the better and to keep you at expectation at all times.

For tastes, and do not worry that in a matter of online slot the chromatic letter goes far beyond the rainbow. We do not all prefer the same things, and games providers know it very well.

Action slots.

They are that kind of games that will make you jump out of the seat but without removing eye of the screen. Regardless of its theme, they usually have a high volatility, a low RTP and special functions that are activated only at counted occasions.

Games with boat (or better yet, plural boats) are perfect for this type of game sessions. Some examples? Lobstermania 2, Candy Bars and Champion Race Way. But be clear that any other game that includes at least one jackpot and has an RTP below 94% will be perfect, you just have to find the setting that you like most.

Slots to hang out

They are at the opposite end of the previous ones, and they are the kind of title you would choose after a day of dogs where you need to encourage you with a few easy prizes. The best in these cases are games with cheerful and somewhat comic themes.

Discard slumps too serious or solemn, and look for games that have low volatility and high RTP, such as Bubble Craze or StarBurst. Currently the catalog of games with Chill Out settings full of light effects and relaxing soundtracks is in full boiling. Find yours and live a mystical game session.

Do you want to take a laugh, or simply move to an innocent and innocent world for a while? Then you have to try Pharaoh’s Fortune y Balloonies.

Slots Online to live an interactive adventure

Here are all the latest generation slots, capable of getting into a chapter of your favorite series, or making yourself conquering an empire, as in Crown of Egypt. Many of them are 3D slots, but if you flee the film effect there are also video slots with very careful graphics and simple animations that your delights can make.

In this type of game it is not so much about setting up a rhythm according to your game dynamics, because extra screens will jump every time between roll and pulled. It weighs more than the subject you like it, and that the bonus games have prizes that really become worth it.

Many of the rags based on classics of literature, television series and movies meet these requirements. Check it for yourself trying CSI, The Family Guy or Jack and the Beanstalk .

How do the attributes of a slot affect your game experience

The balance between the technical and audiovisual aspects of a slot leads to the gaming providers, because they know it is the fifth essence in the success of any online slot.

As a player, you will reach this conclusion for yourself and completely intuitively by just making a round of runs. But if you are interested in deepening one by one in the aspects that determine what you like and what is not, here you have a complete list:

Audiovisual effects

Let's not be fooled, if a slot enters you through your eyes, it will be hard to take it out of your head until you try it. The theme and visual appeal of the graphics with which it has been set is 50% of any online slot. And the soundtracks put the icing on the cake.

There are slots that should directly be considered as works of art for the quality of their graphic designs and animations. And we do not refer only to productions of great studies such as Playtech, Netent or Microgaming; game developers with a simpler aesthetic like Those, Merkur Y. Novomatic They get that you never get tired of looking at the screen.

On the other hand, certain machines ago (and we are not going to say names) could only be played during a long game with the low sound switch, because there was no one who supported them.

That has changed in recent years, and currently except emblematic titles in which Malodía Machacon is part of its vintage charm, sound settings of games are an essential part of the game experience.

The environmental sounds and soundtracks accompany each of the movements of the rollers, and of course the screens with extra games. They give it the definitive rush to the prizes, they announce any eventuality and maintain the encouragement when you wait for the next reward between and pulled.

Bonus features

The additional features of slots are important for two reasons:

  1. The first and most obvious, because they provide the main source of bonuses for both the base game and for the bonus games. The bonuses that will improve the profitability of your bet per run reside in the symbols and special functions.
  2. The second is that they mark the level of interaction between the machine and the player. In short, it is what make you feel that you simply try luck or that you are in a game.

This gives rise to Various types of games and players, which are usually paired according to your preferences. Depending on what you are looking for at all times you can include between:

Traditional online slot players

If you are one of those who prefer to have a rather passive role in front of the screen, seeing the prizes without further complications, the best thing is that you choose titles with simple grills, in which special symbols play an important role but to produce bonuses in The base game, and not giving way to mini interactive games.

The ideal are slots that are paid in all directions, with extra functions in the base game, as stacked wildcards, waterfalls, multipliers ... and any other function that is activated alone. In these cases, the saying less is fulfilled is more in terms of structure, but not in terms of prizes.

Slot players online last generation

Maybe all the above sounds fatal, especially if you are one of those players who need to feel that he is giving him everything to win and he would never schedule a slot in AutoSpin. Well, in that case you need the more extra screens better.

Select machines that allow you to bet to bend each of your prizes, and whose bonus games include skill tests or are structured at consecutive levels. The animations and above all the sound effects will be of special importance when what you want is to get into the adventure.

Volatility and game dynamics

Volatility or variance is one of the main indicators of the game style of a slot. In our opinion it is one of the most important factors to determine if a game will end up in the long run. It is measured on three levels: high, medium and low, and determines the relationship between rolls and rewards:

  1. Low volatility: frequently but not very high prizes. It maintains a more or less constant rhythm, in which approximately every 3 or 5 rolls get a small reward.
  2. Average volatility: prizes are followed enough to keep you alert, but that dilate between series of turns without reward. They are exciting slots but appropriate to spend a quiet time.
  3. High volatility: It will take a while to get a prize, but when it's finally it will be comparatively higher. Playing with this type of machines is getting on a Russian mountain, with very pronounced vortices.

Choose your favorite slot depending on the humor you have every day, because there will be times when you want to play without thinking (for that they are perfect games of low volatility) and other times that you prefer to have fun with your heart in a fist before the possibility of See a big prize fall.

5 tricks to choose the best online slot

Make a selection according to the theme of games, their functions or basic characteristics such as the number of rollers or their graphics is not difficult. The problem is when it is part of the audiovisual topic you care about the profitability and rhythm of runs, or what is the same, the volatility rate of the machine.

The problem with volatility is that in most of the credits of the Online Slots information is not included about it. You will have to investigate the level of each game inquiring in the reviews, or by calculating it for yourself with an analysis of the features and table of payments.

To know what volatility a game has enough to take a look at your instructions. You can get a rather approximate idea of the level of the game just by looking at your bonus functions, making a quick comparison between the sections that range from one combination awarded another, and seeing the structure of your pay table:

  1. Look at the RTP: NOMA NOMA Slots with an RTP above 96.5% have low volatility, and below 94%, high volatility. Our RTP database for swallows in Australian will be very useful.
  2. Measures the distance between the highest prizes in the pay table and the lowest: if it is very large, the game probably has a high volatility.
  3. Evaluate the balance of the bonus functions: If the functions with large bonuses are rarely activated, you are before a game of high volatility.
  4. The same for special symbols as wildcards, scatters and special bonus symbols. Look if they are restricted to just some rollers (high volatility), or if they appear stacked or are able to completely cover one or more reels (low volatility).
  5. If the game has fixed or progressive boats, it is very likely that it has a high volatility.

The correct online slot for each player

After this review of all game options, tips to select Slots and types of players that exist, we suggest you trust your instinct to choose the best online slot machine. If you are faithful to your tastes, you will not fail.

When you choose, put on one side everything that has to do with the machine interface: theme, graphics, audiovisual effects, special games ... and the other technical characteristics that affect the rhythm and performance of slots. It is the best way to make sure that the online slot you choose to give you what you are looking for.

We all play to earn an extra money with the slots, but there are no tactics capable of surrendering the advantage of the house. Your goal should always be to enjoy playing.

And hey, do not get more limits than those of your budget. You may have half a dozen favorite games (depending on your mood and the time of the day you start session) but you should not close doors to the news.

Surely your next Favorite online slot is about to be released, look for it among the new additions to play for free at!