Last Bonuses and Casino Promotions Online

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The entry into force of the current legislation next May 1 ends with online casino bonds and other promotions in Australia

On May 1, 2022 the Real Dzresetto 958/2022 (new.) that affects the commercial communication of game activities. Casinos as StarVegas They have advanced by sending informational messages to their users, in which, in addition to listing the restrictions in question of marrquetin and promotions that restrict operators' options, they put their loyalty program in pause.

The wording of the law, which leaves in the air many aspects regarding how this market was running until now, has moved to online casinos and users of their affiliate programs to prefer "sin of prudence" before exposing themselves to possible fines.

How the players affects Royal Decree 958/2020

Legislative changes in the advertising of the game affect mainly multiple types of promotions, but also to open access and therefore actual information about the operation of Slots, slot, cards of automatic cards and roulette ...

  1. Cancellation of promotions as of April 30, 2022
  2. Pause in Fidelity Programs and VIP Clubs
  3. Limits and cancellations in personalized promotions

What online casino bonuses disappear in Australia?

Some of the online casino bonuses and most popular deals that from now, they stop being available on the Australian Online Game Webs licensed from the DGOJ are:

  • Free Shots And Log Bonuses
  • Account Verification Bonuses
  • Bonuses by first / first deposits for new players
  • Offers of the type "Invite a friend"

In addition, most operators expect to be able to report their players with more details about how new rules affect the already acquired bonds or who are enjoying at this time.