Reducir riesgos: plan UK Gambling Commission

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The UK Game Regulatory Authority launches a 3-year plan to try to reduce the risks associated with the game.

The Plan to reduce the risks of the GAME GAME GAMBLING COMMISSION It is proposed as a 3-year strategy and has the Regulation of the game as your main tool. The goal is to make players feel safe and protected, making the game just and safe by increasing research, training and a set of 5 defined pillars.

Plan of the UK Gambling Commission for risk reduction in the game

  1. Protection of minors and vulnerable people, through an improvement in the requirements of standards to operators and suppliers in possession of a license of the UK Gambling Commission.
  2. Implementation of a more just game market, with measures that promote better informed clients and stricter standards in the approval of new products.
  3. Elimination of crime associated with the juice, with the aim of consumers to maintain their high-level levels, after having produced a reduction in this regard during the previous year.
  4. Effective transaction in national lottery licenses, with a license change scheduled for 2023 that is currently in process.
  5. Introduction of improvements in the regulation of the game, with a review of the current national game law. The UK Gambling Commission foresees its assistance to the Government in this process, providing data and its knowledge, but also by evaluating its own work done.

At this time the DCMS (Department of Culture, Media and Sports) is in a process of reviewing legislation on gambling in the United Kingdom. The risks associated with the game are one of the important points to consider.