Elk Studios announces the incorporation of X-ITER to its slots, which allows players to choose between several predefined modes to select according to the title.

X-ITER promises to mark trend in the world of online slots, thanks to its selectable modes capable of making the player can focus on the characteristics of each game of the operator who prefers. When using the X-ITER preselected modes, the player can customize his game experience to focus on the preferred function, bonus or scenario of each slot.

Advantages of X-iTer modes

Elk Studios already offered players to select a series of game settings, such as Volatility level. Now X-ITER includes a series of modes Different concrete for each game, including:

  1. Guaranteed functions for the base game
  2. Instant access to functions
  3. Gols with growing multipliers
  4. Guaranteed access to the game Bonus of the SLOT.
  5. Election of additional modes

In total each game will have up to 5 different X-iTer modes, which you can select according to your preferences and what you want at each moment. The Swedish provider has announced that the X-iTer modes will be available as of March 2.

Tragapers with X-ITER

The first of the elk games in contain X-iTer modes will be Bumper, the third title of the Serie ELK Gravity. It is a curious tribute to the Pinball and Arcade games of the eighties and its neons, in upgrade up to 6 × 8 with random comfort and stagntes, growing symbols and game bonus.

  • Avalanche (when the rollers reach 8 rows can be reached until 262,144 combinations per turn)
  • Bompers with watertight comfort
  • Game Bonus Free Drops activated with 3 Bonus Symbols
  • Star Fugaz, with collection of up to 7 symbols
  • Mysterious pump with symbol converter

In short, and in the words of his managers, it is about getting the player to live a deeper, rich and attractive experience, beyond Bonus's purchases.