Slot machines with bonus games

Activating the secondary games of any machine is very fun, but it can also make your profits rise like foam. Discover everything that extra screens can be offering that have managed to take some of the most popular slots to the stardom.

What are games with bonus?

It is one of the additional features more features of the online slots. They consist of mini games within the main game, which are activated under certain circumstances while you are playing on the base game screen.

This type of extras are very frequent in the online video Slots, but not so much in the versions of traditional machines, such as classical slots that imitate the old 3-rollers models. However, you can find extra screens in vintage style games such as fruit slots.

But before continuing, we resolve some usual doubts about the bonus:

What are the slot machines with bonus?

Currently, the strange thing is to find an online slot that does not have them. Most are found on 5-roller machines and 20 pay lines, which are the most numerous on the market. But you can also find them in games of 3, 4 or 6 drums.

Do you really earn more with the bonuses?

Not necessarily: the Games RTP indicates the percentage of profits in long sessions, in which all the bonds are activated. More and more frequently, operator information indicates this percentage by sections (for example 92-96%): the lowest usually indicate the result without bonds, and the highest when all have been activated. But everything is depending on the type of bonus games that has the machine.

How does the frequency with which the extra games are activated?

All events that take place along a game session are the result of the RNG or random combinations generator of the SLOT software. It is impossible to do anything to manipulate it or predict it: That's why tragamonedaS are games of chance. Activating them is simply a matter of luck.

Types of bonuses that offer these games

The constant innovation in the world of online gambling has led to hundreds (or perhaps thousands) of different bonus functions. A large part of them can encompass within the following categories:

  1. "Pathway": It is a concatenation of mini chained games that allow you to move towards an objective, often the possibility of opting a progressive or fixed jackpot. Cleopatra the IGT It is a good example of Pathway game, but if you are interested are progressive boats, you know that in your first Cleopatra version you can give you access to 4 of them.
  2. "Pick Me": consists of a screen with several options between which you must choose. After them, different prizes are hidden, they can range from multipliers to rounds of free spins or direct metallic prizes. Candy Bars candy jars hide cash prizes.
  3. Free and round rounds with special bonus: The rollers change ambience and the game asks what kind of bonus with free bonus orders prefer (as in Pamplona), or directly starts the bonus that can be reactivated with more than 300 runs, as Spend in Stinkin Rich.
  4. Extra wildcards: wildcards increase in number, either because it rises its density, because they appear stacked (as it happens in Golden Goddess or Mayan Riches) or because one or more rollers are filled with them up and down (just like Cash Coaster).
  5. All or nothing: they are the typical games that may arise after receiving a reward, when the machine asks you if you would like to bet (for example red or black in the deck) risking you to lose the last prize achieved or bend your quantity when you get.
  6. Skill Games: Can you imagine having to handle the controls to shoot a proton pistol, open your trap and hunt a ghost? Well this could happen if you try free Triple Slime GhostBusters.

How to activate extra games bonds of a slot

In almost all games the bonuses are activated from that a specific bonus symbol appears on the screen, or when 3 or more scatters are placed in a combination or active payment line. When the games are activated with a specific symbol, it is normal to start directly to keep the rhythm of the session.

There are also interfaces in which the secondary games appear fortuitously, and others in which you have had to reach a certain level (accumulating runs or combinations) to be able to access them. In this second case as you advance you get bonds with increasingly advantageous conditions.

Where to find the most entertaining games

The simplest slots are limited to bonus turns as an extra game, but others use completely different settings to the base game. Our advice is that if you are piring for this type of extras, you take a look at Lobstermania, one of the first slots in making the Bonus games its distinctive brand.

But there are also current titles with excellent extras. Our advice is that if you are one of those who enjoy this type of features you take a look at the free demo of The Family Guy, with a parallel universe based on the series, which brings together 4 scenarios starring its protagonists.

Many of the latest 3D creations use this technology to give rise to excellent bonus games, so integrated within the plot that is difficult to distinguish between the base game and the secondary ones Would you like to try one of these free slots? You can make a good idea of what we refer to if you give an opportunity to CSI official slot.