Free Slot Machines With Free Shots

"Free Spins", it's the label we're all wanting to see on the screen, interrupting the game. Your name changes with each machine, but all mean the same: free games, rounds or bonds reward you with several roller turns (and its consequent prizes) without you having to invest even one hundred and more.

Slots with free spin bonuses

At present, it is rare to find a game that does not include at some point in the session, a good round of free spins. After all, the video slots, and especially the 3D slots are designed to entertain the player with his graphics and animations. That is why they often include secondary screens that entertain the time between prize and prize in the main game, and one of the most recurrent are free runs.

Some of the titles with a more complex technical and argument development include the rounds of free runs like mini games apart, while others integrate them to such an extent in history that seems to be a chapter more of the action. And finally the simplest they simply keep the 5 rollers, but after announcing hype and saucer the beginning of the bonus.

They are activated as an extra function of the base game, when you can complete a combination, normally formed with symbols specially created for it. They can be the scatters of the game, or also specific "bonus" symbols.

Bonuses in free spins

Normally in addition to the free turns, this type of bonds also carry with them more advantages for the player, generally known as "bonuses". These are some of them:

  1. When forms the combination that activates it, you take a prize in cash. For example, the amount of your total bet on each roll, multiplied x2.
  2. Multipliers for the profits you get during the round. They can be fixed, linked to the number of symbols with which the bonus has been activated or even going up as it consumes the bonus' rolls.
  3. Some rounds include special functions aimed at getting more prizes, such as the Extra Pay Multyway of some IGT games, or cascade rollers.
  4. Higher density of special symbols, particularly wildcards (which can come to copar one or several rollers from top to bottom), and symbols of bonus or scatters that will react the bonus adding more free spins to which you had initially achieved.
  5. Stacked symbols, especially wildcards, but also normal symbols.

What is a difference to the best free rounds?

To really understand this and other functions, it is necessary to take a back-up of the game table of the game. That's where you can see what changes occur when a round of free turns are activated. Our advice is to look at things like the value of the symbols (which can be the same, greater or less than in the base game).

They will also inform you of the number of turns with which the bonus starts and, something very important, if it is reactivable. It is about knowing if it exists or not the possibility that while the round is activated you can reset a combination as the one that led to it, and thus add more additional turns. Some games allow you to add more than 300 consecutive free spins.

After reviewing the value of the symbols, the total start-driven and the reactivation options, it is time for you to notice the bonuses of the function. But these three aspects are basic to determine to what extent a bonus of this type can change the course of the session.

Advantages and disadvantages of the free turns

Most will agree with us in which a function like this can only bring good things, but to be fair we will also include the least positive aspects of the free runs. The first of all is that if you do not get playing some Round, surely you do not reach the average percentage of the game RTP.

Many would love to be able to do something to activate these lucrative turns, but the truth is that exceptions, in which they are part of the reward in a skill game, free rounds are completely random. You can not do anything to promote them.

The most purists consider that, if the game is not well assembled, more than increasing the fun what they do is cut the rhythm of the session ... but that feeling is forgotten as soon as they begin to see uploading credits to their total balance.

Slots with the best round rounds

Next we will analyze some of the most popular titles, including free spin bonuses as a special function or secondary game. For tastes and, as you will see, although deep down all try the same, they show very different conditions:

  • White Orchid: The perfect slot if you want is a simple and uncomplicated bonus, but that is activated from only 2 scatters and is also reactivable up to 130 times consecutive.
  • Cleopatra 2: One of the most remarkable improvements regarding the original game is precisely in the free rolls that the sphinx gives you, with a minimum of 5 and up to 20 initials, reactivable up to 50. Each turn increases multiplication, with a maximum of up X50
  • Mayan Riches: It is one of those slots that pays all the victories of this round, it has a special function of collected wildcards and also allows to reactivate the bonus.
  • Lobstermania 2: As a bonus it seemed little, it has 2! They are inserted one inside the other, and have multipliers between X10 and X625. Perfect for those who are looking for one of those rare bonuses but capable of rejoicing the week.
  • Pamplona: It has 5 bonus options, ranging from 5 turns with multiplier to X20, 20 spins multiplied by a maximum of X5. It also includes random cash prizes when you take up a combination of between 3 and 5 scatters during the round.