Slot review

RTP 95%
volatility Media


This video slot is inspired by electronic music and its legends, the protagonists of Dream 3 Team, and his avalanche of songs of the eighties and nineties turned into mega blends that will make you dance and dance without stopping.

It is a slot machine distributed in a 3 × 3 format has five mini games and the bet value starts at 0.20 and rises up to 15. You can get a maximum prize of 15,000.

It is a video slot that is not skimpled in musical and entertainment options, since it has five completely exclusive mini games where you can live music to the fullest.

In the game we will accompany the characters Quique Tejada, Toni Peret and Josep María Castells on a tour along its wide musical trajectory.

Table of Payments and Symbols of the Game:

You will find symbols related to the musical universe of Dream 3 Team.

In the caricature style we will find the board background with symbol animations that combine multiple effects. In the center we find the reels that vibrate thanks to the incredible musical load they have. It is literally a musical journey.

Special bonus functions:

This game has 5 minigames that will make you enjoy the maximum of music and how to win through it. You can access the games randomly when you get certain prize lines. You must know before anything that according to your credits you can access certain mini games.

The mini games are:

Mini game MIX where three tape recorders can allow you to achieve access to this same game to achieve a prize.

Mini Masao Mix game where three tape recorders can allow you to enter this game.

Mini game presentation where three camera figures can give access to this mini game for a prize.

Mini game concert where three baffles figures can give access to this mini game.

Mini promotion game where three cocktail figures can allow you to access this mini game where you should choose a DJ to get the prize.

You will find additional features such as vertical lines, seven mixed and a cumulative game, that is, you can accumulate certain figures to earn better prizes.

If you are looking for a game that allows you to enjoy your luck with a good musical thread, dancing in changing scenarios and with multiple submundos, at the best style of video games, this slot is a true tribute to the legends of these 3 famous DJ of Australia When the era of electronic music began.

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