Slot review

RTP 95.78%
volatility Media

Bonus Island

This game is developed on a desert island with rocks and waves that are constantly breaking on the shore. Our main character, without a doubt it is a pirate: he is tall and outlaw with red suit, stick leg and hook in his right hand.

It has a 6 x 5 format on a wooden board. The musical thread is typical of the pirate adventures, the sound of the blowing waves and the trine of the birds can not be lacking. Do not fall, but this game offers us 15,625 possible pay lines!

Among the symbols we will see are the classic artifacts of a pirate, as they are: an anchor, a pistol, a sword, a treasure map and a spyglass. In addition to the Barajas del Naipe as, J, Q and K.

Table of payments and game symbols.

Both the symbols of greater, medium and lower value pay appearing from 3 to 6 times. The most valuable symbol is the face of the pirate, followed by the plated anchor with purple background. Among the medium value symbols is the gun with red background, blue background sword, treasure map with brown background and spyglass with green background.

The Symbols of Smaller Worth are the Barajas de Naipe (AS, J, Q and K).

In the game we will see mysterious symbols that are represented by a wooden background and the subtraction emblem on white appear. Also, we will see a purple pump with a blank skull and the wick on. This is called the "transformative symbol". This pump will transform the mysterious symbol into any symbol or in a currency.

Special bonus functions:

There are several special bonus functions, including the waterfall mode. Achieving from 4 or more waterfalls in a single round, the Treasury map bonus of the island will be activated.

This bonus feature has three stages. The more cascades Logres, the greater the bonus meter. If you achieve 4 consecutive waterfalls, you will obtain the first bonus. This will let you select 20 items on a map and will be the result between cash prizes and free spins.

5 cascadas = 20 improved items to choose between cash prizes and free spins. It is called the Mega Bonus.

6 cascadas = 10 items to choose from. All are free spins.

When you are in any of the bonuses you will be presented a treasure map where you will have to choose three items. After choosing them, the pirate will make you an offer. If you accept you, you will receive the cash prize. But if the offer is rejected you can continue choosing and receiving other offers. In the last round you will have the option to choose between two boxes. Free spins or cash. In this bonus function of the island, the multiplier increases with each waterfall that is achieved.

In the bonus of the island, you also have the option to bet cash to earn more free spins. If the roulette falls into a green area, then the bet is earned, if it falls on the red one is lost.

What better option to play that a desert island that offers you in infinities hidden in treasure maps!

Enter and live the first-person experience safely before betting real money.

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