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RTP 96.48%
volatility Media

Book of Darkness

Online Book of Darkness is an authentic adventure that mixes a game dynamic to which we are very accustomed with the style of online role games. This is, in addition, one of the betsoft bets for the year 2022 and that we can very soon enjoy it in the best casinos in Australian.

Online slots Book of Darkness: Power sword and light stones

If you know the online role games, you may not be surprised by the aesthetics of this slot, very dark but very achieved. The contrast of those dark colors with the fluorescent tones of the figures creates a very attractive game scene. Even so, it remains interest that the background is completely static, without any movement.
The sound environment is very adequate. A disturbing sound is combined with the sounds of prizes, more common for this type of game. The sum of both sound schemes results in a very careful and professional slot.

The dynamics of the game

A priori the game is very common. We have a game screen of five rollers on three rows, with 10 prize lines and a total of 9 prize figures and a bonus figure. The figures are divided into three blocks:

• Real figures: Q, K and A, which are the lowest prizes
• Thematic figures: the sword, the potion, the ring and the red quarters
• Warriors: She, the charming, and he, the dark magician, that in addition to being award figures hide special powers.

This slot has a return to the player of 96.48% and the level of betting is from 0.10, which is the lowest bet, and 10 credits per run that is the maximum bet. A level of bets that you will not like the great bettors, but yes to the novice players or who simply want to try something different.

Bonuses and extras

This slot has extra functions and bonuses that we explain below. First explaining the most common functions. The 'Book of Darkness' (Book of Darkness), which appears with a green background, is wildcard WILD. This figure replaces all figures in an award line except the figure of the scatter and warriors when combined to start the function of the shock of powers.

Before explaining the clash of powers (Clash of Powers), it is necessary to explain that the darkness book also functions as Scatter if it appears 3, 4 or 5 times. In this case, we will grant us a prize in cash and 10, 15 or 20 free thrownouts.
The CLASH OF POWERS function is achieved by joining a specific combination and in the concrete order of figures of the warriors and the book.

• Charming + book + dark magician
• Dark magician + book + lovely

You will receive a random number of free runs and during those runs, the Figures of the Clash of Powers will expand throughout the roll. According to Ganes, the hero meter (Hero Meter) will be filled. When the counter is full, one of the two heroes will win the battle and and the Shadowform function will be activated.
If in the battle 'shadowform' wins the lovely, you will receive 10 free rolls with a 5x multiplier to all prizes. If you win the dark magician you will receive 10 free rolls and the number of expansive symbols will be increased to 5.

Betsoft Book of Darks Online Book of Darknes: Conclusions

This slot has left us a rare aftertaste. On the one hand, it has classic elements and perfect bets for beginners. In Book of Barkness, the extras are limited to some free shooting functions and the fight function, despite how well-intentioned, it is little for a slot that could be much more.

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