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RTP 94.04%
volatility Media

Cash Hound

Slot machines starring animals are one of the classics of the network. Do you know the richest dogs in the field? Do not miss cash Hound, a slot machine from the Australian factory Ainsworth To which we have been playing to offer you first hand a full and reliable review.

Cash Hound Features

Whether you are amateur player or experienced player sure you have ever played a slot machine by Ainsworth. They are known for being simple slot machine and that follow the wake of The most popular of online casinos. This is a 5-column machine and three rows with 30 possible prize lines.

As for the Technical Section Ainsworth's slot machines have a very similar graphic air: colorful colors and a casual aesthetics, which flees from the spectacularity and or of excessiveness. In this case we go to a type of machine with images that seem output from a comic, which provides fun to action. But in the negative part we must say that we would lack a soundtrack that accompanies action, since the effects and music are reduced solely to the moments of prizes.

As for the little figures we can tell what many game players online do not know. The prize figures are a total of 12 divided into two groups. For the low band of prizes we have the so-called royal figures, those of the deck of French cards. In the high band of prizes we have the thematic figures, represented by the animals of the farm. As for bets we can not say that we are before a large prizes machine, since bets are rather conservative. The maximum bet on this machine is € 24 per run. If you want to know in detail the prizes and figures of this game, you must click on the cogwheel and there on 'i'.

Bonuses and extras

The slot machines of Ainsworth are not famous for having many extras, but it has pleasantly surprised that Cash Hound has several extra options that add emotion to the game. But let's start with the extra options that all the slots have. The WILD is represented by a dog that bites a gold bone, this figure replaces all the figures in a prize line. The scatter figure is represented by the gold bone and, in addition to being a prize that gives a prize, allows to launch the game of Free Shots.

In the free shooting game you have different options to increase the prizes. For example, new figures such as Wild Bone appear, which applies a multiplier to the award received. Likewise, multipliers x2 and x3 may appear. We also have the game 'crazy' that allows the Wild replacement to any figure and open the door to Re-Spin to try to achieve a better prize.

Finally, this machine has the bonus spin, not those that we can earn one of the 5 bonuses: Grand, Major, Maxi, Minor and Mini.

Cash Hound: Our verdict

It is a balanced machine, which moves away from other Ainsworth as soon as it has more prizes and extras, but it is still a machine for beginners or players looking for a moment of leisure in their free time.

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