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RTP 94.13%
volatility ALTO

Electric Nights

Las Vegas slot machines are our weakness. What player does not enjoy with the genuine flavor of the city of Casinos and Elvis Presley? Electric Nights is the Glitter GEMS Slot Slot Machine and, after having been playing it for hours, here we bring you the review that we have made along with our team of players and evaluators.

Slot machine Electric Nights The purest style of Las Vegas casinos!

We love online slot machines based on the purest Las Vegas style and Electric Nights is one of them. This Ainsworth machine exceeds how many we have analyzed from these pages and is, from now on one of our favorites. Both for its 70-year-old graphics, full of vibrant neon tones, exciting game dynamics and sound scheme, without forgetting that it has been scheduled in HTML5, which makes it compatible with all mobile devices or computers.

As far as the game dynamics are concerned, we are facing a review of the classics of 5 columns and 3 rows that will be familiar to most online casino players. It is very exciting to play hoping to receive one of the 4 jackpots of the machine, but before we must understand the basic dynamics that focuses on the 30 possible prize lines and its two games of figures:

  • Real figures: which are those that correspond to the deck of French cards and have the lowest prizes
  • Thematic figures: They are the own of this machine and correspond to the highest prizes.

The bets range from 0.30 € to no less than € 3,000, but we are not at all sure that this is the correct machine to perform this type of betting so daring. If you want to know in detail the prizes in relation to your current bet, see the configuration button and enter the information panel.

Electric Nights: Extras, Bonuses and Jackpots

Extra figures are characterized by giving us the possibility of earn even more prizes. The first extra figure that we must mention is the dollar, which replaces all the other figures of the machine, except the 'King Strike'. This figure is known as SCATTER and, when it appears more than three times, it opens a shift of 10, 15 or 25 free runs. This game has its own standards:

  • During the free shooting game, the Rollar only appears on the roller 5
  • With two 'King Strike' during the free shooting game, we can achieve 5 more extra runs

Likewise, the King Strike Bonus allows us to win one of the machine's jackpots if we achieve one of these combinations:

  • Major Bonus: Achieving 5 Figures of the Hotel, 7, Globe Las Vegas, Neon flowers or Cowgirl without any replacement figure
  • Maxi Bonus: achieving 5 'real' figures without any replacement figure
  • Minor Bonus: achieving 5 figures of the hotel, 7, Las Vegas Globe, Neon flowers or Cowgirl, with at least one substitution figure
  • Mini Bonus: achieving 5 actual figures, with at least one substitution figure.

Keep in mind that the Major and Maxi Jackpot can not be achieved during the normal game, only in the round of free runs.

Slot machine Electric Nights: Our verdict

We loved Electric Nights in virtually everything, although in other Ainsworth machines, we believe that a touch of dynamism will lack that would make sense of higher bets and not such a conservative game. But both the free games rounds, such as the possibility of taking us one of the jackpots of this fantastic slot machine force us to recommend it for all kinds of players.

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