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RTP 95%
volatility Media


Feel like Tom Cruise at Top Gun with the new 2022 instant game that has developed the OnlyPlay software provider: The Fighter Lottery type game. It is a casino game so simple, you will not need to have steel nerves to get good prizes thanks to your multipliers and jackpot. Also, if your online casino preferably has the option activated, you can play against other users since it is a multiplayer casino game. It also has bonuses of 20%, 40% and 60%. It is available on mobile phones and tablets. Know all the advantages and features of the Fighter instant game in this review.


Among the new 2022 Onlyplay games, the Australian players have recently received a lottery-type game that offers prizes instantly: the Fighter instant game. With a design very similar to the typical games of computer aircraft, in this lottery game your piloting skills can reward you with good prizes and even with a jackpot and bonuses of 20%, 40% and 60%. It offers the option to play together with other players, has a 95% RTP and can be played on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Thematic and symbols

Once the plane of the game type Slot and Lottery Fighter, you will only find in the best onlyplay casinos in Australia, leave the carrier, it will depend on your intuition if you are able to increase your profits with the multipliers of this fun instant game. On the screen you will not see the traditional symbols of the card deck or wildcard or scatter, as it develops as a minigame in which the key is to know when to take risks to get the multipliers that appear on the screen.


Once you select your bet, the game starts with the outlet of the destructor plane. On the screen you will see the multipliers that you are accumulating according to the game. The earnings are also accumulating as the plane is flying, but if they knock you down, you will lose your bet.

If you stay in the air long enough to recharge your airplane fuel, you will receive a bonus of 20%, 40% or 60%. You will also have the option to take the jackpot if you show that you are better than the rest of the players.


Onlyplay Slot and Lottery Fighter type game is an instant game that is played on a screen without reels or pay lines. It has a 95% RTP and a more own design of a classic computer game than a game of chance. The profits are accumulated according to the players' skills when driving and also has multipliers, jackpot and bonuses of 20%, 40% and 60%. It can be played on iOS and Android devices.

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