Slot review

RTP 96.33%
volatility Baja


The official slot of the Jumanji film (1995) was desired, but finally Netent decided to launch it during the summer of 2018 and go if it was worth the wait! The official Jumanji slot comes with a maximum RTP of 96.33%, board in hive and a medium-low variance index.

Game characteristics

Taking the jungle home had never been as easy as with the jumanji slot ... but be careful because it is still just as dangerous: Giant climbing plants, swarms, stampers and crazy monkeys caman everywhere on this 5-rollery grill with design 3-4 -5-4-3 in height and 36 pay lines.

The maximum prize per run is at 28,000 credits, with betting ratios by turn from € 0.20 to € 200 maximum. If you do not go into play special functions, only the highest prize by payment line is charged. The combinations have to have 3 or more equal symbols, in consecutive reels from the far left.

The symbols of the base game include, ordered from more at less value: 4 animals (lion, rhinoceros, crocodile and pelican) and 4 symbols of the French deck (A, K, Q and J). The two special symbols are the wildcard (WILD) and the scatter (Jumanji box), which is only available during the base game, to activate the jumanji board.

Special functions during the base game

  1. Wild Stamper (Wild Stampede)
    When a herd of rhinoceros traversed your board from left to right, after its fingerprints they will add between 4 and 9 extra wildcards to the symbols of that turn.
  2. Giant Creeper Plant (Sticky Vines)
    You will see it from the upper right corner, fixing the box the squares containing premiered combinations, to relaunch your roll until you can no longer adhere to more prizes. The total balance of gains achieved with the Sticky Vines stops when you Cup all the prize options.
  3. Monsoon of wildcards (Monsoon Wild)
    It is activated randomly when one or several crocodiles are immersed on the board, and floods 1 or 2 comfort rollers during the re-spin turns that triggers.
  4. Caos de monos (Monkey Mayhem)
    You will see them out on riding the kitchen from the kitchen located in the lower left corner of the screen, to sneak up under the boxes and reposition the symbols of the last run, forming as many combinations possible.

Bonus game in Jumanji

If you were asking when you could throw the dice to advance through the boxes of the Jumanji board, the time has come. Slots includes a secondary game that takes place exactly as in the game with the original board game.

It is activated when you take 3 or more jumanji boxes in any position of the rollers during the main game. According to the number of scatters with which you activate the bonus game, you will be allowed to throw the dice more or less times:

  • 3 scatters = 6 veces
  • 4 scatters = 7 veces
  • 5 scatters = 8 veces

The true game of Jumanji begins when you choose one of the four chips to start the game and spear the dice. Depending on the box that touches you, you will get:

  1. Free Shots, with:
    - 10 free spins with the function of the giant climbing plant, and its consequent re-spins
    - 7 Free Shots with Wildcree Monsoon
    - 6 Free Shots With Monkey Chaos
    - 5 free spins with wildcards
  2. Mysterious function (the magic of Jumanji makes all the options pass before your eyes and then choose one):
    - Metallic prizes with multipliers between x2 and x10 your bet
    - 2 additional dice releases you did initially
    But if one of these two things had already come out when falling into a box, it is ruled out of the options of mysterious function.
  3. Metallic prizes
  4. Extra releases of dice.

Best of Jumanji

With creations like Jumanji Netent consolidates as the king of the jungle in the market of the video-slots. Graphics, animations and sound effects are impeccable, and functions and game Bonus really manage to move to the world of Jumanji.

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