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RTP 96.08%
volatility Media

Lady Earth

Lady Earth from Crazy Tooth Studio is a slot set in the universe and Mother Earth. Do you feel part of creation? Go to play for free.

Lady Earth From Crazy Tooth Studio - The Origins of the Universe

Today you feel a little mystical? If so, it's the best time to play Lady Earth from Crazy Tooth Studio for free. Next, we present the game and explain your most important features.

Lady Earth's numbers from Crazy Tooth Studio

Lady Earth has five rollers and five heights in which 51 prize lines can be combined. The lines are only combined from left to right. It is always important to know that the RTP is 96.08%, a pretty standard digit.

Betting move in a range from 20 cents, up to a maximum of 300.

Bonus and other functions - Luck Star

The scatter is Lady Earth's face and can only appear on the odd rollers: 1, 3 and 5. If you appear three times, the bonus will be activated. This consists of five rounds of box choice. When choosing the box, it will be revealed that it had hidden. They can be: credits, skulls, multipliers x2 or tokens. The tokens will allow you to move on to the next level of bonus accumulating 4, while if you come out 3 skulls, the bonus will end.

When you get a gain, the respins will be activated, which means that once the prize was achieved, the symbols of the winning combination will be changed. All new symbols will be the same, so it is likely that together with the rest of the symbols on the screen, you get another winning combination.

The design - a very new age game

Lady Earth is a very new Age slot. The aesthetics based on the universe is constructed based on cold colors and music is electronic, but quiet.

The symbols are somewhat inexplicable. Modern symbols that try to evoke the ethnic representing fire, water, plants and different types of animals: a mammal, a crustacean, a reptile and a fish. It is seen that the poor birds do not belong to Mother Earth.

The awards

To win you need at least three symbols on a payment line and, of course, consecutively from left to right.

The multiplier of payments is calculated by dividing the number of credits played between 0.20, so if you play 2 euros, it will be 10.

There is a symbol that does not pay anything. The truth is that it is frustrating to see it out there, but it is what there is. Then we have a kind of lizard that, if it appears three times, will pay us 0.20 by the multiplier. That is the smallest prize.

The highest prize is achieved with five appearances of the water or fire symbol and will pay 5.50 by the multiplier.

The maximum payment to get is 450 times your bet.

Lady Earth view

Lady Earth's payments from Crazy Tooth Studio are not too generous. Therefore, it is a slot that you may like those who simply want to spend some time playing in this universal environment. On the other hand, we do not believe that it is for those seeking the option of getting a stroke of those unforgettable.

Before finishing, remember that with Slots-Australia you can play Lady Earth free.

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