Slot review

RTP 96.98%
volatility Media

Miles Bellhouse and the Gears of Time

Miles Bellhouse and the Gears of Time is a slot full of gears on which Betsoft proposes us the story of an inventor who wants to travel in time. As always, we leave it at your disposal. You just have to give you a game to try it without risking.

The numbers of the slot

Among the statistics of this slot highlights especially your RTP, as it amounts to a figure quite high as it is its 96.98%.

There are five rollers of five heights where you can bet between 5 cents and 50 euros. There are no pay lines, but it is a cluster type game.

Special functions

In each roll, five symbols that appear indicated are randomly selected.

If those marks indicated are part of the winning cluster, a special function will be activated. Special functions are:

Last: Active 5 Goal in the symbols that are not winners.

The present: Apply a multiplier between X2 and X20.

The future: Select a symbol randomly and activate a region in which that symbol will appear at least 10 times.

To enter the free rolls, you need the five symbols indicated to be part of winning clusters. In these rolls there are also different modalities:

Last: 12 FREE Shots with Go Regiros that will improve the result.

The present: 10 free spins each with a random multiplier between X2 and X20.

The future: 6 Free Shots Each with a randomly selected symbol to appear at least 10 times in that roll.


In this game we have on the left on the inventor along with a robot, observing both the roll panel. In them, we will see symbols like the face of the inventor itself, that of the robot, a couple of complicated utensils that we do not know how to define and gears. You know that if you want to see them, you just have to play Miles Belllhouse and the Gears of Time right here.

Music is quiet and generates an environment between magical and mysterious. In addition, we have the animations that are sensational. It is worth playing to see them, since in our opinion it is a game with very good aesthetics.

The awards

The best prize is achieved with a 25-sided cluster of the researcher who pays nothing less than X200 your total bet. 25 robots pay x150. The following symbols pay x100y x70 respectively.

As is logical, getting 25 equal symbols is not easy, but prizes start from clusters 3. Payments for combinations of only three symbols are, for the symbols mentioned above and for the same order, x2, x1,6, X1.2 and X0.80. Also, remember that you can get a multiplier up to x20, so you can get a prize of 200 × 20 = x4000 the total bet, something that is not bad (keep in mind that when talking about maximum prizes, it is usually Talk about payments by line, which greatly reduces the real prize in proportion to the total amount bet).

Opinión de Miles Bellhouse and the Gears of Time

Fantastic game that we recommend to everyone. Aesthetics is very careful, music accompanies well, animations are excellent and there are different types of special functions that make the game dynamics it is not repetitive.

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